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Philtre Sacré - 100ml
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The olive tree, an iconic tree of the Mediterranean region, already well known for the rich taste of its fruit, is also a little known source of magical benefits for our skin.

This makeup removal oil glorifies the wonderful powers of olive oil. Its  combination with desert date oil provides a silky and effective blend that removes all traces of make-up and impurities while maintaining natural skin moisture.

Made in France| 99.9% Natural origin

Yuka : Excellent - 100/100
Inci Beauty : 17.3/20

Pure vegetable oils for unparalleled comfort.

Cleansed and purified skin. No greasy residue.
Natural hydration preserved.

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Olive Tree Desert date palm oil Vitamin E

Whether you wear makeup or not, cleansing the skin with oil is the perfect opportunity in the evening to massage the skin and thus initiate the process of nighttime skin repair. Take the opportunity to take the time to massage your face and neck for a long time.

Thanks to this oil, dry or mature skin, in addition to being perfectly cleansed, will be hydrated and combination or oily skin will be rid of excess sebum - the bad fat is replaced by the good. 

For very persistent make-up (waterproof mascara, strong lipstick, etc.), slightly increase the amount of cleansing oil to apply and take the time to massage gently and for longer.

The more you take care of your skin, the more it will give back to you, so it is essential to opt for cleansing oils made from real vegetable oils rather than esterified oils. It's easy to spot, just check that the first ingredients on the INCI list are indeed Latin names of plants - for example "OLEA EUROPAEA" for olive oil.

The ritual of cleansing and / or removing make-up is an essential step in the care of your skin, which has long been popular in the Far East.


Heat at least 5 drops in the palm of your hands and apply to dry skin. With thoroughly wet fingers, massage the face well with the eyes closed. Remove residue with a damp glove, sponge or cotton ball and rinse with warm water.

For a fresh finish, apply our Pure Merveille lotion.

All skin types


True nutritious vegetable oils - Its brown bottle preserves the freshness of its active vegetable substances - 99.9% of ingredients of natural origin and 82.8% of organic ingredients.
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