This duo will be your accomplice for the start of the school year, a real sensory companion to hydrate and repair your skin by depth. 

Pépite de la Palmeraie, gentle exfoliant, 2 in 1 treatment, fights the inflammation responsible for pimples, blackheads and dull complexion and frees the pores of cellular waste for better absorption of care by the skin. It thus detoxifies your skin and refines its texture. Its creamy texture will leave a velvety finish on your skin.
Thanks to its rich content in polyphenols, it will also have the effect of boosting cell renewal.

Our Divine Sap light mask, energizing treatment, boosts the skin's metabolism and plumps it up, giving it unprecedented radiance and light!
Our in vivo test shows an effect smoothing with reduction in wrinkle depth by up to -39%. Measurement carried out 1 hour after application.