You may be wondering about the rationale for specific eye contour care. In fact, even though our intense cream "Ange Sensationnel" can also be used on this area, it will not be suitable for targeting the problem of dark circles and puffiness.

Indeed, the area around the eye is particularly fragile due to its very thin skin thickness which, sooner or later, will cause dark circles and bags to appear.

With age, stress, fatigue, tobacco, poor lifestyle, not to mention hereditary factors, the wall of the capillaries, these ultra-fine vessels, deteriorates.
This alteration is materialized by

  • a decrease in vascular tone and therefore vasodilation of the vessels,
  • a slowing down of the microcirculation therefore a lower supply of oxygen and nutrients
  • and finally a loss of the permeability and tightness of the vessels.

We then see the appearance of pockets due to the leakage and retention of water in the tissues or the deposition of fat or even dark circles often accompanied by vascular imperfections due to the accumulation of blood pigments in neighboring tissues and a reduction in blood pressure. blood flow.

Eye contour care will therefore act by reducing redness and the appearance of blood vessels, boosting microcirculation and toning capillaries to reduce their permeability.