3 tips for naturally moisturizing your skin

Moisturizing the skin is above all to limit water loss. You should know that the skin naturally loses water, this is called transepidermal loss and it is a normal process.
It has nothing to do with sweating, it is an essential and natural process to regulate and maintain the hydration rate of the epidermis around 13%, the optimal rate. This rate decreases with age. You should know that below 12% water in the stratum corneum, the skin develops skin and / or allergic reactions with manifestations of redness, eczema, dermatitis, etc.


Preserve the hydrolipidic film of your skin

First of all to preserve the hydrolipidic film of our skin, the primary protector of the stratum corneum. The balance of its composition plays an important role in maintaining hydration, which in particular ensures its buffering power in the skin pH zone. It is therefore essential to choose a cleansing or purifying treatment that does not alter this fragile balance and to eliminate any cosmetic product that is too aggressive and detergent. With our cleansing care water Pure Merveille, your skin will be pampered.

Consolidate intercellular cement for a barrier effect

In fact, the lipids around the cells form a sort of "fat mortar" which consolidates cell adhesions, ensures skin impermeability and thus creates a barrier effect against water loss. Unfortunately with age this cement, mainly made up of essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), cracks, weakens and loses its seal. To consolidate it, opt for treatments rich in essential fatty acids, this is one of the strengths of our repairing serum Elixir Bonheur. In addition, we must not forget also that intercellular cement is also composed of the famous hyaluronic acid, a kind of natural sponge capable of absorbing more than 500 times its weight in water. Over the age of 30, the skin has already lost 30% of the hyaluronic acid content and over the age of 40 the content is only 50%! So opt for creams containing hyaluronic acid from the age of 30. Our Ange Sensationnel will thus be your daily ally.

Strengthen the hygroscopic power of the epidermis

That is, its ability to absorb water and preserve it inside the cell. The more you do to preserve the integrity of the cell membrane, the more you will ensure the water content of your cells.
There is still one last essential piece of advice because one does not go without the other and as you have understood, remember to hydrate your skin well by drinking 1.5 liters of water per day.