equipe l'odaites


L’ODAÏTÈS® was born from our desire to return to the roots and the very essence of cosmetic care: nobility of ingredients, abundance of active and sensual pleasure.

Initiated from childhood to the virtues of flora and rich in pharmaceutical know-how, we have focused on highlighting the "real" materials, the complexity of the ointment, the right amount of time to complete all the meticulous phases of elaboration... a way of honoring the substance, celebrating the pleasure of the senses and reconnecting with the love of a job well done.

Thanks to remarkable natural raw materials and a goldsmith's formulation, L’ODAÏTÈS elaborates an exceptional range of treatments Made in France, which magnifies your skin, awakens your sensory memory and gives you the feeling of being yourself again.

From this story L'ODAÏTÈS, the apothecary of the senses, was born.

Morning dew, dawn's early light, a fragrance that awakens our olfactory memories: these are all moments that capture our attention and remind us of our family's apothecary formulas. Now, it is time to adapt them to our modern age.

The selection of our ingredients calls upon our trained eye and intimate knowledge of the land to uncover the right variety and the best quality plant in the exact quantities necessary at the right time.

Our treatments are made with key active ingredients preserved in their purest and noblest form to charge them with the best in efficiency and sensoriality. Our formulas are designed in a stripped down way to keep only the essentials.

The neroli, the essential oil extracted from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, is our olfactory brand. Its fragrance and benefits have charged us with emotions and nourished our memory from childhood. It fragrance, incredibly addictive and sensual, seduces with its immense evocative potential. It is the true liquid gold of perfumers and formulators.