Desert date: this anti-aging shrub little known in cosmetics

Assaulted and bullied by the extreme cold, our skin suffers during this winter period and more precisely the most exposed areas of the body such as the hands and face. We are all looking for a practical and effective treatment to provide relief as often as necessary and soothe any feeling of dryness and tightness. All treatments rich in good fats or good vegetable oils are then an excellent remedy because they allow both to nourish and hydrate intensely but also to soften our skin and soften it. Small zoom on the oil from the date palm of the desert, a fountain of youth in the middle of the Sahara.


Ultra nourishing oils from desert plants

In general, vegetable oil is a great moisturizer because not only does it strengthen the barrier function of the skin thanks to essential fatty acids but also fills the skin with unsaponifiable compounds which are antioxidant and regenerating nutrients (vitamin E, polyphenols, carotenoids, squalene,…). It is therefore advisable to opt for vegetable oils with a high content of these nutrients and which are virgin to ensure the presence of these nutrients. This is precisely why we have always favored virgin oils extracted from the fruits of desert plants such as jujube, date palm, prickly pear, desert date... Indeed, the mechanism of natural selection has proven their ability to survive in extreme conditions precisely thanks to the presence within them of these nutrient molecules capable of capturing water, neutralizing the harmful effects of oxidation and regenerating.

In addition, desert date oil and jojoba seed oil are particularly popular because they have a unique affinity with the skin that allows them to penetrate perfectly, hydrate it and rebalance sebum secretions. They are rich in vitamin E and other unsaponifiables which help soothe, heal and regenerate the skin and also improve skin microcirculation.


Virgin desert date oil, a youthful secret for the skin

This oil, still largely unknown, is extracted from fruit seeds; of a shrub, the only soul of life on the edge of the desert, which reaches about 9 m in height when ripe. Not to be confused with the date palm although they both have an extraordinary capacity for resistance to drought and oxidation. Its multiple branches are riddled with thorns which make it difficult and delicate to spoon its fruit, called the date of the desert. Its carbohydrate content is so rich that it is worth consuming especially in candy. But not only !
The oil extracted from the kernel of its fruit has a unique biochemical composition that gives it powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and regenerating properties for the skin. Beyond its benefits for the dermis, it is also widely used by the inhabitants of the desert for its nutritional and medicinal contribution (rheumatism, digestive disorders, etc.)

The virgin oil we use in our cosmetics comes from the Sahel region in West Africa. Our supplier works with an association of women collectors in the heart of this natural and preserved territory. The seed harvest begins in November and ends in March at the latest. The women soak the seeds to pulp the husks, sort them one by one and then dry them. They then fill bags with these dried seeds and will be paid by the weight of the bag. It is a substantial and indispensable source of income for indigenous populations, especially women, which helps protect this place from desertification.


Secret Nomade, an effective roll-on against skin dryness

In addition to the oils of the desert date palm and jojoba, of which you now know the protective and nourishing virtues, our balm also contains macadamia oil. Restructuring and softening, it penetrates the skin without leaving a greasy film. In short, you have here a composition of vegetable oils to help with any feeling of dryness and tightness.
To ensure you always have it close at hand, in your pocket, bag, at the desk or in your cabin suitcase, we have opted for a nomadic format that is suitable for all skin types. Its roll-on ball is very practical to apply it to all areas of the body. There is no risk of contamination since there is no water. Little tip, before going to bed, remember to apply the balm Secret Nomade on cuticles, hands not to mention heels that are too often neglected, it will work for you and you will wake up with supple and well nourished skin.