How to adapt your beauty ritual to this Covid period?

Some of you have observed changes in your skin, others have read articles, or discussed them with friends: yes, we are talking abouts consequences, on the skin of the faceof Harbor mask rendering mandatory to protect yourself from Covid. In made, wearing a mask creates a new barrier that affects the ecosystem of our epidermissince lbreath createde a new moist “medium” between the skin and the wall of the mask. This humid environment unbalances the bacterial flora and thus generates imperfections, or even oxidations of our skin., revealing a skin asphyxiatedinflamed and dull 

So when the ecosystem is disrupted, our skin's defenses are no longer able to fully play their role and the effects read directly on the skin. Ithere is so more than ever important in this period, which is coupled with the onset of extreme cold, to help the skin protect itself, hydrate perfectly and to load it in nutrients to keep a skin healthy, crisp and bright ! Let's see what it is and how to strengthen this protective shield that is our hydrolipidic film, the first beauty gesture!  

The hydrolipidic filma complex environment but fragile 

Our skin is an organ made up of several layers of tissue that protects usnt attacks from the outside world and in particular temperature variations, bad bacteria, pollution, the sun, etc. Its first layer is the hydrolipidic film. It is an ultra-fine, resistant and waterproof skin barrier whose good health depends on the balance between the species that compose it. This essential and fragile balance is the result of good bacteria that work hard to prevent harmful bad bacteria from taking hold. It is these good bacteria that secrete a moisturizing material, this famous hydrolipidic film, to defend our skin and prevent it from drying out, cracking or opening a breach to microscopic invaders. 

This surface skin film is a mixture of lipid substances atyant for origin the sebum and lipids produced by our cells and de aqueous substances mixtion of mineral substances and organicThese substances are essential for maintaining hydration and for creation of a barrier to the penetration of foreign substancesWater and pH are two factors very important in the regulation of this balance between substances. So, under a mask, l'humidity related to the water vapor that is released when breathing, promotes the proliferation of bacteria and microbes and increases the absorption capacity and therefore permeability to external agents. In addition, the natural phenomenon of open water - called the Perte Insensitive in Eat - coming from our body and which evaporates on the surface of the skin come to reinforce this moisture condensation and therefore dedeteriorate the balance of this protective skin barrier. The consequences of wearing a mask are more or less immediate according to skin types With l'appearance of acne pimples, blackheads, redness, dull complexion, excesss of sebum ... 

Lat good skin health under a mask depends too of our breath. Oral and digestive hygiene is therefore very important. Smokers, whose breath contains tar and toxins, have again more risk of degrade the state and the quality of their skin.  

So here are some tips from care for your skin for thehelp to defend oneself and to se to fix des consequences of wearing a mask. But before going into detail, already choose the right fabric by choosing cotton masks. The skins will support better and irritations related to friction at the points of contact between the skin and the mask will be good rarer sureall for dry and sensitive skin. 

Care tips for beautiful skin and healthy under a mask

Clean the skin and consolidate the defenses ofe our skin film is the first gesture of care and beauty. Therefore, more than ever, invest in a good cleansing lotion to cleanse and especially to prevent the proliferation of bad bacteria.  

For that, privilege lotions that provide real care beyond cleaning. Lotions that contain active ingredients that will not only cleanse, rebalance the skin's pH - this acid-base balance favorable to good bacteria - But especially strengthen the hydrolipidic film by providing minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Lotions based onAloe vera, a Vtrue panacea for the skin, will be welcome.  

Our lotion " Pure Merveille " rich in Aloe vera – 3th ingredient from the INCI list - will cleanse your skin and also give you the anti-inflammatory action of orange blossom water ; enough to calm and calm all the reactions ofirritations, redness, andeczemas. It is also protective and does not wash off. It is therefore advisable to also use it in the morning by placing a few drops in the palm of your hands and applying directly to the face and neck, without cotton. You will thus have loaded in nutrients your skin film and strengthensé his defenses beforecome apply your cream usual care. 

Also think about purify your skin by regularly using cleansing masks ideally at night, alone or in combination with your night care. Clay-based masks are a good help because clay has absorbent and adsorbent powers, that is to say that he is able to absorb toxins from the skin and recharge it with its minerals. For this purpose, the mask Sève Divine  will purify your skin and tighten pores for clear skin. Apply in a thin layer in the evening in association with your night care at least on the areas around the wings of the nose and around the mouth.    

With the wearing of the mask, theyour skin will need a light-textured cream or lighter than usual since water vapor bring already onee action protection and hydration. So for theTo clean up and avoid an overload of lipid substances, opt for creams and serums to the fine texture, moisturizers and rich in anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial for limite redness and soothe irritations. For information, neroli is a skin tonic with these 3 virtues and present in our cream Ange Sensationnel and in our serum Elixir Bonheur.  

With frequent hand washing with soap and hydroalcoholic gel, no need to tell you how the hydrolipidic film of the skin of your hands deteriorates, leaving skin rough, dry and showing more and more redness. So hydrate regularly using cream for hands or simply with our nourishing balm, its small size and its roll-on ball make your job a lot easier. 

That said, in this period Covid, our body has too itself need to see its own defenses reinforced and in turn provide the means to protect the skin from aggressions. It would be therefore good to enjoy the best nutrients for your skin fruits and vegetables of this season and also to boost it by supplementation with vitamins and trace elements, the most important being vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc. In fact, you will quickly see the effect on your skin!