Beauty reflexes to adopt to keep beautiful skin in winter

 Skin tightness, redness, loss of radiance? Winter is definitely here and your skin is brutally reminding you of it. The cold, the wind and the temperature variations put our strained skin, it weakens, becomes dry, inflamed and loses all shine. So, let's see if you have all the gestures and routine for to keep beautiful skin even in winter?  

What are the effects of the cold on my skin? 

When it is cold, blood circulation is concentrated on vital organs; the blood vessels then constrict to limit heat loss, which causes all the extremities and peripheral layers of our body to cool and dry out. The skin layer is then damaged and this can cause a chain of inconveniences and harmful effects such as inflammatory reactions, redness, dermatitis and even itching.  

Most of our body is covered, but our face and your hands are the most exposed to cold and therefore to dryness, so make sure to maintain a good level of hydration during the day and maintain your hydrolipidic film. You can take with you a nourishing little roll-on and practical to be applied locally, on hands and the edges of the nose for example, for this our small roll-on Secret Nomade is ideal for find immediately comfort and flexibility. 

How to fight the effects of the cold on my skin in winter? 

In the same way that you protect your body with a coat when you go out, It is necessary to protect vour face by strengthening its hydration when exposed to the cold. To do this, focus on skin care products that are more nourishing than the rest of the year. It is very important to preserve our hydrolipidic film, which is the prfirst barrier of our skin against external aggressions. The hydrolipidic film is composed of an aqueous phase and a lipid phase, this homogeneity makes it possible to maintain the right level of hydration and the right level of acidity in the skin. There you offers antimicrobial protection and is a barrier to all external aggressions, so it must be taken care of to keep beautiful skin in winter. Think also to hydrate yourself well while drinking infusions or water at least 1.5L per day. 

Hyaluronic acid, our ally for beautiful skin in winter 

The hyaluronic acid is the star of beauty routines in recent years, it is a natural component of the body present inin the membrane of many cells, it is a sponge capable of storing water and of thus keep the skin all its suppleness and firmness. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the human body, its production is very important from childhood untilat the end of growth and then steadily decreases with age.  

From the age of 50, the adult body has only half the amount of hyaluronic acid present during childhood. It is for this reason that most anti aging creams conticontains hyaluronic acid which helps fight skin aging and the loss of water. To keep as long as possible our hyaluronic acid capital, try to limit your exposure to the sun, slow down on alcohol and tobacco, promote a diet rich in antioxidants and enjoy winter soups made from pumpkin, cabbage, etc. and the high season of citrus 

 In this winter period you will have understood it, the key word is to consolidate the skin barrier and it is therefore very important to use mostly products that are rich in oils and active quality. Our commitment to former with virgin assets preserves at these assets alleur biological wealth and Donc to optimize nutrient intake and their absorption because the skin assimilates much better these plant nutrients which possesses a chemical kinship with those of our skin. This is why nocare are perfectly suited to help you maintain beautiful skin in winter. These are the two essential gestures and essential    

1st step: make-up removal 

 It is important not to neglect the make-up removal which allows you to remove any pollution, dead cells and the impurities deposited on the surface of the skin during the day. Even if you don't wear makeup not, clean your skin, because it is attacked throughout the day, especially in urban areas. In winter, makeup remover oil is welcome in addition to your lotion because it will provide more hydration and suppleness to your skin. The oil Philtre Sacré is adsuitable for all skin types, take the time to the massage sure your face. Its texture turns into a balm during the massage and allows to better remove the impurities of the makeup while keeping a suppleness to the skin. The massage thus allowsinitiatedr the nightly repair process of the skin. If you are looking for more comfort or prefer lotions, you can use make-up removing lotion Pure Merveille  who removes make-up from the most sensitive skin while soothing it. Your skin is now bythoroughly cleansed and rid of its dead cells, pollution and excess sebum to allow night care to penetrate well and thus act effectively. 

Be careful with tap water, which is very hard, it will tend to dehydrate and dry out your skin; instead, use a lotion that restores your skin barrier. Privilege laloe vera which remains the ideal active ingredient to restore this hydrolipidic film, consolidate it and help our skin maintain a good level of hydration. Then apply your favorite night cream! 

 2nd step: the treatment 

 During the day, you absolutely have to dress your face with a coat! to do this, opt for an oil-based treatment as a complement of your usual cream to strengthen the protection of your skin.  

At night, especially do not go to bed not without having appliedé a night cream or a night serum to allow your skin to regenerate. A serum is very concentrated in active ingredients and gives your skin a real boost that is necessary at night because it is around 1 a.m. that the skin reaches its peak of cellular repair.  

To fight effectively against the cold and allowre your skin to regenerate, rely on products particularly rich in active ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties. Our serum Elixir Bonheurbased on virgin oils esverys rich in fatty acids essential -Omega 3 and 6-. These active ingredients will seal the intercellular cement, a fatty mortar that acts as a barrier and preserves the water reserves of notour epidermis. Its fine texture transforms its essential massage into a real moment of well-being and daily pleasure without counting that massage is an excellent booster of cell regeneration. 

These are the basic tips. If you also take pleasure in completing the routine with an energizing mask that helps boost your cellular metabolism or an exfoliant that optimizes the penetration of active ingredients, your skin will thank you!