The best for my skin in autumn fruits and vegetables

Having beautiful skin certainly requires usage at daily of "clean" care and efficient ! But you probably know that the content and quality of our plate is just as important! It must be said that after the summer, thehe fall season offers us, in fruits and vegetables, a beautiful palette of colors Indian summer with too ofs flavors fine and delicate. But beyondflavors, these fruits and vegetables are especially full of little nutritional treasures essential to our skin to prepare it for the arrival of much less clement temperatures and much less sunny days. Autumn is therefore the perfect time and essential for prepare for winter stress, recharge our skin with nutrients and to reinforce our defense immune. Then, what to prioritise and what to eat this fall in order to have beautiful skin? We have gathered a small selection of fruits and vegetables on the basis of their nutrient content and also their complementarity to ensure at a time hydrated, plumped, firm and supple skin! First of all, I have a little memo on the role of different nutrients for our skin. 

What you need to know to nourish your skin well in the fall  

Our skin needs water, macronutrients for energy (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) and micronutrients (minerals, vitamins and trace elements) for its metabolism to function. And although present in trace amounts, trace elements have a fundamental role in cell renewal and in the fight against inflammation and oxidation of our cells 

Our skin also needsensure every day the intake of vitamins B and C because unlike other vitamins, our body does not store them So remember to already ensure the balance of your plate to ensure this daily intake. The vitamine B is essential to cellular life and its proper functioning (energy, respiration, ...). It's a complex of 8 vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9 and B12), each assuredant a well-defined role 

The livesamine B3 facilitates penetration and absorption actives, improves’Hydration and helps reduce lhyperpigmentation spots. It is even strongly recommended to treat acne thanks to its power anti-inflammatory and bactericidal.  

The vitamin B5, often used in cosmeticsic form ofalcohol - the panthenol - participates to metabolism cellularit ensures the maintenance of hydration, play a role healing scars and increases the strength and elasticity of the nails. 

The vitamin B6 regulates it secretion sebum and le pH, dope hair and nail growth and also owns a power depigmenting.  

The vitamin B9 protects against damage caused par les UV, therefore ideal for repairing sun damage after summer. Vitamin B12 is also essential to the cell regeneration to rejuvenate your skin! 

Vitamin C is one of the richest and most beneficial vitamins for the skin, it increases collagen synthesis, acts against the aging of our skin and has a power depigmentvery interesting on senescence spots, the mask of pregnancy and the tasks freckle 

Eat local and seasonal fruits and vegetables allows, in addition to the ecological benefit, to enjoy a better flavor and content of nutrients that help us make plenty of energy to tackle the tough season! We have concocted a selection for you, there are plenty of others but the merit of this selection is to meet your daily needs at a minimum. That said, in this period, take care of yourself by strengthening more your immune defenses by udon't care in vitamin C and trace elements - such as zinc and selenium for example - et also strengthen your microbiota, the best support for the immune system, by eating a diet rich in fiber, in fermented foods, in omega 3in antioxidants and in spices, we always forget it but spices represent an excellent source !  

A selection of fruits and vegetables for beautiful skin  

The pumpkin, an autumn star, and a very popular ingredient in soups, is very rich in antioxidants and in particular in beta carotene which gives you a nice golden complexion. In fact, note that it contains twice as much as the carrot ! The pumpkin is also an excellent source of vitamin A, a powerful anti-wrinkle.  

Endive, it too provides our skin with this same vitamin. This vegetable, which could surprise us by his strong power anti-aging thanks to its richness in polyphenols -powerful antioxidants- also contains vitamin B9, vitamin Cof trace elements which all participate in the rejuvenation of your skin and the repair of defaultsts from the sun. And you will be right to add nuts to your endive salad whose exceptional richness in vitamin B9, vitamin E, copper and zinc will incredibly boost the repair and renewal of your small skin cells flexible, good luminous and plumped .

Like endive, the watercress is rich - 95% - in water thus favoring the elasticity of the skin. Its exceptional richesse in provitamin A and vitamin C will help your skin to keep a fresh complexion without imperfections as well as a very supple and very smooth skin. Watercress is particularly recommended for pmixed and fatty waters for its regulatory role. 

There is of course theunmissable autumn vegetable that is the mushroom ! You will be right to enjoy it to the fullest, especially since it is one of the foods least rich in sugar ! Its peculiarity is its high vitamin contents B3 and B5 and copper, zinc and selenium in short everything needed to regulate sebaceous secretion, hydrate, depigment, regenerate and repair. Il can be eaten in a pan or in a velouté, ideal this season! 

Rich in antioxidantsthe grenade hydrates and fight against premature aging of the skin. Since we are talking about fruits, know that the plum is one of the champions for its polyphenol content, these powerful shields that protect us from aging. It is also very beneficial for hydrate the skin, tighten the pores, restore radiance and eliminate skin imperfections. 

To finish, perfume all your good fruits, vegetables and small dishes with this magic fruit what is the lemon. Un good lemon juice or lemonade in the morning will provide the daily ration of vitamin C with all its benefits that you now know!  

Wait... before preparing your shopping list, read the advice of the naturopath and facialiste Leslie Chemouny.  

The tips by naturopath and facialist Leslie Chemouny 

Flavor and spice up your seasonal dishes with a hint of garlic. Even if he is not very glamourhe is rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as in suffers, excellent for problem skin. Garlic is also known to be a very good antiseptic and antibacterial, an ideal remedy for acne-prone skin.s. If you have trouble digesting fresh garlic, take fermented garlic or black garlic. 

We talk often beta-carotene found in orange-colored vegetables, including squash, solid carrots or sweet potatoes. Beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidantvitamin A precursor, which will repair the damage caused during the summer by UV rays.   

Privilegiaz fruits and vegetables rich in chlorophylls such as broccoli, parsley, spinach, or the cabbage. Chlorophyllpigment vegetalgo come to oxygenate our cells thanks to its kinship with thehemoglobin of our blood and facilitate the transport of all nutrients. Chlorophyll is heat sensitive so eat it raw or cooked.t at the gentle steam. 

And finally, the algae ! This are little gems of nature which are also harvested in the fall. They are at a time rich in vitamins, in minerals and in trace elements (iodine, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, fluorine, calcium, etc.) and also in essential fatty acids but also rich, omega 3, 6, 9 and sterols. You cans find in the form of tartars or in the form of flakes at sprinkle on salads for example. 

All you have to do is grab your basket for a grand tour of the market to savor a beautiful vari have been eating fruits and vegetables but don't forget to apply your light mask before you go out, no one will see it, your skin will thank you and you will kill 2 birds with 1 stone!