Virgin oils VS refined oils: what's the difference?

Vegetable oils have become the stars of our diet. Nourishing and tasty, they can replace any fatty substance in your cooking recipes but also in your bathroom. However, there are two kinds of vegetable oils - virgin and refined. So, which ones to choose to retain the nutrients essential for our skin's metabolism?

We explain everything to you and here is the answer to the first question that is regularly asked.

What is the difference between virgin oil and refined oil?

A vegetable oil will be qualified as virgin or refined according to its method of extraction. If the extraction is by pressure, it is called virgin oil. If the extraction is carried out with solvents, it is called refined oil, which makes it possible to obtain a "standardized" oil by modifying its fatty acids. Whereas in the case of a "virgin" oil, the result is a pure oil free from foreign substances, clarified exclusively by physical means and which cannot have undergone any treatment.

Why refine an oil?

Refining results in an oil that is stable over time, easy to keep, little colored, flat in aromas with a yield close to 97%, which is much more profitable for manufacturers. In contrast, "pressure" oil preserves all of its qualities, is more expensive and can lose up to 20% of the material during extraction.

What type of oils is best for my skin?

After refining, the original composition of the oil is profoundly changed with the disappearance of almost all elements of high nutritional value. We can thus observe:

- destruction of vitamin E with antioxidant, regenerating and anti-inflammatory action

- the disappearance and / or loss of the biological activity of essential fatty acids which are at the origin of hydrated, plumped, dense, supple and luminous skin,

- the elimination of beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant active

- or the disappearance of phospholipids and sterols which play a major role in cell growth and the functioning of the plasma membrane

You have no doubt all understood that, for healthy, nourished and radiant skin, it is essential to opt for virgin oils. This is why L'ODAÏTÈS swears by the use and formulation based on virgin oils as active ingredients in its care!