Hydrate your skin in a different way in winter

Winter is gray, winter is cold, very cold... our body defends itself to preserve her internal temperature and concentrated lblood circulation on vital organs. Thus, the epidermal layer suffers, becomes dehydrated, and the application of moisturizers becomes a necessity for having beautiful hydrated skin.  

But It exists too a great way to boost the hydration of the skin naturally in winter: herbal teas, or hydrosols for those who do not like hot drinks. These two possibilities offer a wide range of options: there is something for everyone! 

Often consumed in the evening to prepare for sleep, or after a good meal for better digestion, herbal tea can also be drunk at any time of the day. So you might as well take advantage of this cocooning moment to choose the plants to infuse according to your skin type! But how do you choose the most suitable herbal tea for your skin type? 

Infusions or hydrosols: how to do it? 

First, a little useful reminder on the difference between herbal tea and herbal tea. Latisane is a natural drink made from plant extracts. Infusion is a tea preparation technique. 

While the preparation technique does not really vary from plant to plant, so do the length of infusion and the amounts required. They are specific to each plant, and it is necessary to respect them so as not to minimize the benefits. 

To make a perfect infusion, count 1 teaspoon of plant for 250 ml of water. Fresh or dried, the plants must be finely chopped to better disseminate their virtues. Let your water simmer, then remove it from the heat before throwing in the plants. Then cover everything tightly, and simply let it steep.  

For flower-based infusions, allow 1 to 3 minutes. For leaf infusions, wait 2 to 4 minutes. Finally, for roots, seeds or bark, let infuse for up to 10 minutes.  

 For hydrosols, the preparation is much more complex to carry out by yourself, unless you are one of the happy people who, like us, have had the chance of’Learn and livehe joys of distillation.  

If you can't prepare your own hydrosols, don't worry: they are easily found in stores. European regulations impose a "food" or "cosmetic" classification, as well as a corresponding labeling. According to this regulations, even if it is valid for both uses, a product must be sold under a "Food" category if it has been manufactured according to "food" specifications, and under a "Cosmetic" category if it has been manufactured according to GMP: the “cosmetic” specifications. 

To fully benefit from the benefits of hydrosol, it usually takes up to 2 teaspoons of liquid per glass of water. Either way, select a good quality plant, the freshest you can find. Use them within 6 months of opening. 


Which plant to choose according to your skin type?  

The aromatic and therapeutic properties of plants derive directly from the biochemical composition of their scent molecules. Thus, for your skin to benefit from the benefits of infusions of a plant, just take a close look at the actions ofs composeds biochemical molecules this plant. Rest assured, we did it and we did its have selected 3 plants for you that meet the needs of different skin types, and that are easy to grow in your home all year round. You can thus consume fresh plants, in any season! 

Thyme, a treat for oily skin  

Harvestable all year round, its scent is at its peak in spring. It is during this period that it concentrates a maximum of its active ingredients, which allows it to be much more effective for your skin. It is also an excellent herb for combating physical fatigue, and giving you a boost! 

Thyme is an anti-infective coupled with a high-quality anti-inflammatory, thanks especially the thymol it contains. It is also an incomparable antiseptic and purifier: dThese properties are ideal for people with oily skin and acne sufferers. To benefit from its effects, drink at least one infusion per day for 2 to 3 weeks. 

Very rich in flavonoids, thyme is a soldier which will help to fight against oxidation, and therefore against the aging of the cells of your face. 

A little advice if you don't like hot infusions: add 1/2 teaspoon of thyme hydrosol to your glass of water, once or twice a day. This mixture will help your skin to regulate excess sebum, and to fight effectively against acne. 

Rosemary, happiness for mature skin 

Like thyme, the great advantage of rosemary is that it adapts perfectly to our temperatures. So you can cultivate it throughout the year, in order to have your little personal reserve.  

Rosemary contains flavonoids, which helps it fight the aging of your skin cells. Natural remedy against wrinkles, this antioxidant helps your skin fight against external aggressions ! 

The phenolic acids it contains help support your blood circulation, leaving you feeling fresh and rested throughout the day. A quality antibacterial, rosemary tightens the pores on your face, and prevents the installation of bacteria that can lead to acne formation. 

Its moisturizing properties, astringent and purifying help to sanitizedr your skin over the long term. 

To take full advantage of the benefits of rosemary, let steep for 10 minutes. If by chance, you want to soften the slightly grassy taste of rosemary herbal tea, you can add a teaspoon of honey! 

Orange blossom, a treat for dry and / or sensitive skin 

Sa flower with its sensual and addictive fragrance is fleeting, and only offered to us once a year. To facilitate storage and infusion as a herbal tea, orange blossom is consumed in the form of dried caps. 

It is a powerful anti-inflammatory that will strengthen the defense of our cells, soothe all irritations and counter'oxidation. It is particularly suitable for dry skin. Indeed, thanks to its composition rich in linalool, it acts as a real skin tonic which does the greatest good for tired and irritated skin, giving them a soft and luminous glow.  

One of the benefits of orange blossom is linked to the subtle and delicate taste of its hydrosol. It greatly facilitates its possibilities of use, whether to flavor a cake, prepare infusions or even simply for be diluted in your daily water bottle. So many opportunities, it would be a shame to miss out! 

Although some plants are more suitable for certain skin types, their moisturizing properties are constant. In addition to making your skin's natural hydration more pleasant, they fight against aging and inflammation of your pores. It's your turn in this winter season!