I say stop to redness, acne and other winter inflammations

Beneficial or harmful? the inflammatory reaction can be both at the same time… it takes very different forms, has for very different reasons and can be completely invisible! This is the mechanism common to all of these body reactions which manifest themselves as acne pimples, redness, edema, rosacea, skin aging, etc. but also by more serious diseases such as cancer. Let's see what it is precisely for the skin and especially what precautions to take to delay them and make the most of beautiful skin.  


Skin inflammation: beneficial or harmful? 

Inflammation, a healthy reaction of the skin   

Inflammation is quite a phenomenon normal! when the skin is damaged - injury, burn, infection, etc. - The body triggers a reaction inflammatory to defend itself and which will besides to activate regeneration and repair if tissue is damaged by the assault.  

Watch out for chronic reactions  

However, we must distinguish an inflammation called acute, which is an immediate response to a short-term attack that heals with or without treatment of the so-called chronic inflammation which progresses and can worsen over time. Indeed, throughout our life, the skin will undergo aggressions linked to our lifestyle (stress, malnutrition, UV, lack of sleep, etc.), the polluted environment and the intrinsic aging process called "inflammaging” which will generate inflammatory processes permanent 

This chronic inflammation is a silent, invisible inflammation responsible for 80% of age-related pathologies such as cancers and skin aging. It increases over time. The body is overwhelmed by these inflammatory reactions repeat which will lead to the oxidation of our cells and the degradation ofcollagen fibers and membrane tissuesThe complexion loses its radiance, the pigmentary disorders such as tasks brunettes, blackheads appear, the skin becomes wrinkled and withers. 

Overexposure of the skin to these inflammatory phenomena predisposes to intolerance reactions and very often accompanies skin allergy episodes.  


Acne, rosacea, eczema are part of pathological inflammation of the face

Pathological inflammation is not inflammation associated with injury-like aggressionburn or age but a skin disease with visible external signs. There are several types of diseases some of which cannot be cured. Just a few words on the most common diseases.  

Rosacea, an unsightly redness 

Rosacea or rosacea is a disease that generally begins after 30 years with a peak around menopause. It manifests itself bys rednesss permeds dcheeks and des dilations permeds small veins superficial. There are treatments. 

Acne, not just for teenage skin 

Acne is an infectious disease linked to obstruction of the pilosebaceous duct. It is a condition controlled by male hormones (androgens) and under the influence of hereditary, emotional (stress) and climatic (humid climate) factors 

Eczema of the face, an itchy ailment 

Eczema is an exogenous inflammatory disease that can be allergic, acute or chronic. You will see often red patches, itching, smalls blisters that dry up and scab over the skin 

Eczema of allergic origin is in fact a hypersensitivity Has antigens or allergens that have no inherent toxicity. This is the second contact with the allergen and not at the first contact whata reaction on the skin is triggered and the symptoms. When the phenomenon is triggered, it is important to know the product used previously. It has the ability to develop allergy will depend on your predisposition hereditaryarea and your sensitivity and exposure to a abundance of allergens.  


How to choose a treatment for soothed skin 

We give you some tips to choose your cosmetics well and especially to learn to avoid all those who are aggressive.   

Look for the term "soothing" when buying your cosmetics

First, be aware that if you look for the term anti-inflammatory on the packaging of your skincare products, you won't find it because it is not authorized for cosmetics but only for drugs. It is the term "soothing" that most often replaces it. Opt for active anti-inflammatory plant substances recognized asaloe vera provided it is fresh, the rose, the orange blossom, the bisabolol vegetable, neroli, calendula, lavender essential oil, rosemary, essential fatty acids, natural vitamin E to name the main ones.  

Since oxidation is also a source of ignition, use all antioxidant active ingredients.

Skin cleansing again and again a fundamental step 

Do not do the impfocuses on cleansing your skin at night which unclogs your pores, eliminates air pollutants and restores the hydrolipidic film, this first protective barrier against inflammation.  

Be sure to choose cleansers or lotions that contain anti-inflammatory active ingredients and avoid those using a sulfated detergent or polysorbate or PEG-40. Don't worry, you will find them under these names in the list of ingredients on the back of your cosmetics. 

In general, avoid all treatments containing PEGs, silicones and paraffin which clog pores and promote inflammation.  

Make sure that there is always an anti-inflammatory active in all your treatments, whether it is a cleanser, cream, mask, serum or exfoliant.  
The more you pamper your skin, the better it will be! 

Unsuspected anti-inflammatory drugs for skin regeneration

Beyond treatment, you will be able to act against inflammation by practicing sports, which release anti-inflammatory mediators, and by getting a good night's sleep, which regenerates anti-inflammatory substances.
We cannot say it enough, food hygiene is just as important for beautiful and well-calmed skin. Limit the intake of sugars and saturated fats, both of which are pro-inflammatory. Favor them 
omega 3 and 6 that you will find in some virgin oils, oily fish, ginger, turmeric as well as fruits and vegetables as long as they are fresh!