The ultra-fast skincare routine for the gentlemen

In the past, men tended to use care for curative purposes, unlike women who used it for preventive purposes. But mentalities are constantly evolving! Thus, emaintain and protecting his face is becoming, for men, an increasingly common practice, especially among a forty-something. People in their fifties and over are still content to best apply an aftershave gel, instead of lotion, to calm the irritation and inflammation associated with shaving.   

Today theMan relaxes... and discovers the pleasure of taking care of his body and his skin but does he have to do it differently from a woman? that’s what we’ll see. 

Human skin and its differences  

With a abundant secretion ofandrogenic hormones testosterone and dihydrotestosterone - the human skin est thicker whatever the body area so more resistant and has therefore tendency to wrinkle more tardily 
Indeed, the thickness of the epidermis of the man is about 60 μm (between 20 and 30 years old) and reached barely 50 μm for women, or on average 20% more!  
An injustice never happens alone, it is also denser in collagen fibers which ensure the firmness of the skin and which explain the late appearance of signs of skin aging 
The sebaceous glands are more voluminouss inducing more secretion of sebum and therefore male skin gives a rendering fatterIt has the advantage of being naturally less dry and the hydrolipidic film is also thicker assuredant better protection of the epidermis. This is obviously accompanied by buttons and... because in life you can't have everything!  
His system peyes more provided, allows him to benefit frombest protective barrier but the repeated use of rasoir is not without consequences for this barrier. It weakens so lshield cutaneous what is the hydrolipidic film and in fact generates un drying out, skin irritationsstruggle, of redness, etc... 

Why the process of aging skin differs in humans? 

As with women, skin aging is good the result of an intrinsic process and extrinsic. On the other hand, in women, the drop in estrogen at menopause is brutal and its effect on the skin is almost immediately visible while in humans andropause sets in gradually, and therefore the impact on the skin is also gradual and therefore much slower than in women. 

Otherwise, Good more hydrated and protected by an abundant hydrolipidic film formed of sweat and sebum, she wrinkles less quickly But as it contracts with age, the facial muscles, thicker, ssagmore visibly and generate more pronounced wrinkles. This explains, moreover, a more marked presence of frown lines in men. 

With age, the distribution of fat changes made differently between a man and a woman. So the bags under the eyes, which are often larger, are in fact in men fatty pockets which come from the migration, after the fifties, of the pre-orbital fat towards the lower eyelids thus giving them an increasingly tired look. These pockets have nothing to do with the watery pockets due to poor lymphatic drainage  

But for all that, mens do not take enough advantage of their advantages because of their negligence, even if today morals are gradually changing... they are much less diligent in terms of sun protection during outdoor sports, their skin therefore suffers, more than that of women, of photoaging.  
In addition, they are exposed to stress factors such as tobacco, pollution and alcohol as much as women or even more and thus often make up for lost time... with the addition of the appearance of rosacea, dilations of small blood vessels...  

Which treatments cosmetics specific for the skin masculine 

Men or women, daily skin care is essential. However, the peculiarities masculine require of care and more specific advice 
We give you the essentials for an ultra-fast routine that will meet skin needs of these gentlemen. 
Tip 1: The first step remains that of cleaning. Purify and cleanse the skin morning and evening to eliminate excess sebum and sweat inherent in theat structure even of the skin and promote a gentle weekly exfoliation. 
Tip 2: absolutely avoid the products that contain synthetic ingredients like mineral oils. They clog the pores and irritate the skin already particularly sensitive after shaving. 
Tip 3: go for anti-care inflammatory like our Pure Merveille care water use after aftershave to soothe the "Razor burn", restore the hydrolipidic film and eliminate all feelings of discomfort, struggle and redness. 
Tip 4: to finish, to choose a product moisturizing fluid texture, light, mattifying and which penetrates quickly for immediate comfort. 
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, doubts or support needs in the search for the  product cosmetic that suits you best. Our offer also applies to the gentlemen :)