The return of the Pépite de la Palmeraie, our gentle exfoliant

Here he is back! Finally, we have the immense joy of sharing with you the return of the Pépite de la Palmeraie, this gentle exfoliant that you called best exfoliant ever, of Super efficient, of Awesome, ofA real joy, of Surprising, ofExceptional, etc. 😊. We can tell you, we didn't think so many of you would be asking for it since it went out of stock. We were both happy to read you but at the same time very frustrated and upset at not being able to satisfy you. It is now done and you will now be able to find this delicious exfoliant that will transform dull, tired and oxidized skin into detoxified, clean, silky and beautifully luminous skin! Thank you for your patience. So what happened and what were the small adjustments and improvements we made, we'll tell you all about it, but rest assured this gentle exfoliant, still as effective as ever, is full of even more sensoriality!

A gentle exfoliant with a beating heart

As you probably know to make this exfoliant, we have revisited the ancestral formula of our grandmother apothecary by seeking to preserve the active ingredients and its fabulous texture while making it modern thanks to our pharmaceutical expertise. We then developed a new formula with very unique active ingredients such as date stone powder. An innovative asset whose biological richness has in store for us many surprises!

Indeed this date stone powder is an impressive reservoir of energy, a "living" mine which certainly increases the antioxidant and revitalizing power of the exfoliant but which, at times and under certain conditions of pressure and temperature, has triggered a transformation of the product into a two-phase product. The teams in our research and development laboratory were speechless. Never in 40 years of research have they seen such a "living" active ingredient. It must be said that this is exactly and precisely the challenge of L’ODAÏTÈS! namely to preserve the active ingredients in their original form in order to fill your skin with their biological richness and ensure their optimal absorption. We were very annoyed and disarmed even if the treatment, which had become two-phase, did not lose its effectiveness! We then carried out research to consolidate this balance between a creamy and honeyed texture and a robust emulsion.

We have thus succeeded in this bet thanks to the association of 100% natural excipients which guarantee both its stability and always its incredible texture. This change in formula has obviously led us to carry out the entire battery of regulatory tests for the marketing and explains the long lead time of the Pépite de la Palmeraie. The rest is unchanged, you will always find its flagship assets which are honey and fresh juice.’Aloe vera without forgetting the fine powder of olive leaf which, beyond its antioxidant power, will purify and sanitize your skin.

We immediately ordered from our craftswomen the size of real olive wood spatulas allowing you to take this beautiful ointment and thus prescribe the use of plastic spatulas.

Don't throw away those wooden spatulas! we have great news for you. Save the spatulas and as soon as you have collected 5 spatulas, send them to our head office (address indicated on the case) and you will immediately receive a thank you code for the planet allowing you to benefit from -15% reduction on your next purchase!

We have yet more great news this time around for the environment and for your skin! We have succeeded in developing a new manufacturing process that takes place entirely cold! Nothing is heated at all. Thus, energy consumption is minimized and the biological richness of our active ingredients, fresh and virgin, is optimized.

An exfoliant with an antioxidant and moisturizing action

It is undoubtedly these benefits produced beyond simple exfoliation that make our treatment unique. As you know, an exfoliant is a treatment whose main objective is to remove the dead cells accumulated on the surface of the skin responsible for a dull, gray and inflamed complexion. So thanks to the exfoliator your pores are unclogged and released, so now is the time to benefit your skin. This is why it was essential for us that our exfoliant could provide other benefits to the skin beyond exfoliation. Hence the selection of this "living cocktail" of date stone powder and olive leaf powder.

These two active ingredients are extremely rich in polyphenols, these small molecules, present in fruits and vegetables essential for their protection against all types of attacks (UV rays, diseases, etc.). This is where the antioxidant power of our exfoliant comes from! these polyphenols are indeed very powerful in defending the plant and therefore our skin against aggressions such as UV radiation, temperature, etc. they thus make it possible to curb the oxidation and therefore the cellular aging of our skin.

We have measured the polyphenol content of our exfoliant and are proud to announce that this dosage amounts to approximately 450mg GAE / 100g DW! To give you a benchmark, know that the polyphenol content of a Gala apple is 262mg GAE / 100g DW and that of a grape 145mg GAE / 100g DW. So do not jump on the exfoliant to eat it despite its delicious texture, but jump on it to make your skin feast! each turn…

That said, don't be surprised if the name of the exfoliant is now a gentle exfoliant and no longer a gentle polyphenol exfoliant, it is quite simply that we have structured all the names of the functions of our treatments in just two words as a light mask. , redensifying serum, intense cream, etc...

These two exfoliating powders have an extremely fine particle size to ensure a gentle exfoliation. As you will understand, it is a mechanical exfoliation by light friction and not a chemical exfoliation where the fruit acids "dissolve" the dead cells. We are not a fan of this process which we consider quite irritating to the skin.

The other characteristic that will distinguish our exfoliant is its softness thanks in particular to its content in honey and fresh aloe vera juice, two soothing, moisturizing, softening and antioxidant active ingredients, in short enough to leave unbelievably incredibly baby skin. softness and above all strengthen the hydrolipidic film of your skin, our first protective shield.

Tips and advice to get the most out of exfoliation

We will now let you enjoy the Pépite de la Palmeraie, but first here are some tips and reminders. After exfoliation, the skin is at the peak of its absorption capacity, take the opportunity to apply a mask or a serum well concentrated in active ingredients or to remove hair, exfoliation facilitates the removal of hair. Another tip, especially with the holidays approaching, if you are looking to fix your makeup or the adhesion of your lipstick better, consider exfoliating your face without forgetting the lips. Smokers will benefit from gently exfoliating their lips to avoid staining from tobacco.

For mature skin or the skin of postmenopausal women, fill your skin more with antioxidant active ingredients by leaving the treatment on for about ten minutes after exfoliation. This will give your face even more freshness and luminosity. For acne-prone skin, leave the treatment on for 5 minutes then exfoliate with slow and gentle movements.

To finish in style, Here are the ratings of the scoring applications, 100/100 - Excellent for Yuka - 18.2 / 20 for INCI Beauty - No controversial ingredients or allergens detected for Clean Beauty.

We will always be happy to read your impressions and hope you enjoy discovering it as much as we did concocting it!