Healthy Christmas Food - Eat Without Guilt!

Finally the holidays! So what are we eating? You know that time of the year when just reading the menu makes our mouths water and adds calories in our hips. Our good resolution at the end of 2017 is to relieve guilt and make you feel guilty. Gourmet meals made up of oysters, foie gras, caviar, chocolate, etc... certainly raise the calorie counter but nevertheless have magical effects on your skin. Did you know?


A real bomb of marine active ingredients for your skin

For seafood fans, the oyster, the king food for our skin is a real marine "bomb" of bioavailable active ingredients with both vitamins A, B, E, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, etc... Vitamin B is necessary for the proper functioning of cell life while vitamins A and E are the key vitamins against aging of the skin. Minerals and trace elements are essential nuggets for cell renewal and growth. The presence of amino acids will allow the assimilation of all these essential nutrients and strengthen the tissues. A good revitalizing and remineralizing boost. It is so low in calories that it would be a shame to go without! In general, all seafood is excellent for the skin, although the oyster definitely holds the palm.

If you fancy caviar, know that your skin will be in for a treat because it is an excellent source of mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids, extremely beneficial for its hydration.

Beware of salmon, it is difficult to advise it because its intensive farming has markedly weakened its content of these good mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids unless you manage to obtain real wild salmon.

Make way for meat lovers, goose or duck foie gras is a good source of unsaturated fatty acids which plays an essential role in the hydration of the skin and as we eat little and rarely, you do not risk l overdose of lipids. Be careful, however, to check the label which must mention whole foie gras or foie gras, the name "block of foie gras" already indicates a reconstituted product...

Chocolate and date, allies of youth for your skin

For those with a sweet tooth, high-quality dark chocolate, well-concentrated at least 50% cocoa, is fabulous for the skin. It is a good dose of minerals and substances that act against the aging of the skin. You will not be able to eat kilos of it... a fountain of youth for your skin. Again, there is no risk of overdosing.

And of course, the date, our flagship asset! This superfood with antioxidant, revitalizing, hydrating and energizing virtues is, you will understand..., a fountain of youth for your skin. Again, there is no risk of overdosing. 

Treat your senses but if you have the feeling of having exaggerated, we give you a little tip; swallow a teaspoon of oat bran at the end of the meal and you will thus limit the assimilation of fats and sugars in your body.