The benefits of spices for the skin

Who hasn't heard of the (Roman) Spice Route? This nickname at this sea route bears witness to the importance of the spice trade since l'Antiquity. Lspices were popular first of all for their remedial function medicinal more than for their virtues gastronomic vslike this is the case today. Over time, their effectiveness in treating and relieving ailments has been widely proven, but not only! Besides their purifying power, anti-inflammatory and anti-infectiousx, they also have an extremely effective anti-oxidant capacity to maintain the vitality and youth of the small cells of our skin. From a dietary point of view, they also allow enhanceder the taste of the dishes and thus limit the use of salt and sugar. So enjoy the free time of thiss parties to make use of it by varying them. We have concocted a small selection for you to flavor your savory and sweet dishes as well as your herbal teas and drinks. 


It's a rhizomatous plant originally from South East Asia. Its underground rod product, after drying and grinding, a powder of multi-purpose golden yellow color  

This is one of the most powerful antioxidants thanks to curcumin, one of its principles active, who also has extraordinary powers digestifs (stimulation of liver activity) who does turmeric a key ingredient ins cures detox.

Besides its action rejuvenating, it is also very appreciated for relieving the skin inflamed by redness, of itching, acne or again of theeczema and for favorsr wound healing 

He is also effective for purifiesr the skin, regulatesr excess sebumclear up and revivesr dull complexions 

So before enjoy these benefits by incorporating it into all your preparations of dishesknow that if you want to fill up on curcumin, it would be good to consume it in rhizome or juice. If you only have it in powder, combinethe water freshly ground black pepper to promoteassimilation curcumin by the body. 


One more plant rhizomatous originally from South East Asia which is part of the same family - the Zingiberaceae - that the ginger and turmericThe spice used in cooking is the powder of dried fruit. It has a flavor citerated and delicately peppery. Cardamom boosts appetite and promotes digestion by stimulating the secretion of saliva. 

Thanks to its two main active ingredients alpha- acetateterpenyl and terpene oxide - lcardamom enjoysan action tonic and firming very beneficial for our skinIt also has a content interesting zinc and vitamin B6 which are key players in preserving the youth and purity of your skin. It is therefore the ally of mature and oily skin  

She also has a very beneficial effect on thethe system digestif. By crunching a few seeds at the end of the meal, you will limit the lifts acidand you will neutralize strong smells like garlic. 

Its goût is very strong, so it is better to use it in powder form to be able to dose more easily when you want to flavor your dishes, your desserts or your hot drinks. 


Very rich in antioxidant compounds (carotenes, flavonoids, etc.)la root of ginger is distinguished by an activity antioxidant which resists or even increases to heat, making its use even more varied! 

Raw ginger is an important source of vitamin C, E, A, amino acids, minerals and zinc and copper. This trace elements are necessarys to the formation of collagen and at the defense against free radicals. It allows us to have firm, plumped and energetic skin.

It goes very well as well with salty or sweet, hot or cold, cooked or raw dishes. To get the most benefit from it, consume the fresh. Jamaican ginger is most appreciated for its delicate aroma.  


This spice is not a root, ite are the dehydrated red stigmasés of the flower by Crocus sativus L. ; a fall flowering perennial. Its picking takes place at dawn before it opens therefore over a very short period of time. Iit is necessary count about 1 kilo of flowers to obtain 12 grams of spices... 

This "Red gold" draws its color yellow-gold of the crocine, a antioxidant, very powerful. He contains almost a hundred compounds which derive for the most part from carotenoids (zeaxanthinlycopene β-carotèborn, etc.)It is therefore the "rejuvenating" spice par excellence for your skin ! It is also a excellent antiseptic who helps to treat pimples, acne and other diseases of the skin. 

Dried saffron is very sensitive to light and to oxidation in general, so it must be stocker in an airtight container in the air and in the light.  

Several countries cultivate it but theIran rest the world's largest producer with several varieties of cultivars. The saffron from L'Aquila in Italy is renowned for its high concentration in crocine offering an aroma particularly intense.  


Synonymous with childhood and sweetness, vanilla contains little ones in its heart black grains sweet scentwhich help fight against aging and regain beautiful and luminous skin 

Obtaining it is a long process that can take up to 12 months. The harvested vanilla pods are green and do not clearnt still no aroma. Gathered in wicker baskets, they are first washed in hot water to allow the aroma to develop and then dried for stabilize lpods and avoid les molds and finally refined.  

Vanilla first of all, thanks to its action anti-inflammatory and regenerating, to purify and soothe the skin by reducing buttons and acne and promote cicatristationIt is rich in vitamins group B essential for cell regeneration. His moisturizing and antioxidant power completes the palette and thus offers a Global action on all signs of skin aging.

Once used, do not throw it away but place it in your sugar jar, it will continue to flavor it. Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar or Reunion Island remains the reference vanilla. 

Your turn, feast your taste buds and your little cells. SIf these spices all help fight against aging, you still have to ensure the quality and conservation in an airtight jar to preserve their benefits. 

Happy spicy holidays!