Mani, pedi - the best practices to adopt

On a daily basis, the hands and feet are subject to all difficulties. Crushed under the weight of the body, drought or repeated abrasive products, it is they who suffer in the foreground and who bear witness, very unfortunately, to our emotions and our poor maintenance. These unloved, all too often abandoned, however, deserve to be pampered just like the rest of the body. 

To ensure their maintenance throughout the year, our extremities must receive all the care necessary for their well-being. From fingers to feet, including phalanges and cuticles, how do you make them look gorgeous?  


Daily maintenance 

Pampering your hands and feet starts with a habit that grows over time. A ritual that takes shape morning and / or evening, encouraged by those you already have. Whether it is during the make-up removal during the evening or the preparation of the skin at the dawn of the day, it is necessary to to get used to take care of this part of the body during this beauty break, especially with age.  

Throughout the year, and not only in summer, the ends and folds must receive special attention and care adapted to the great drought. 

Healthy nails 

No question of letting your nails hibernate all year round. They too have the right to their ritual, especially if they find themselves smothered under various layers of nail polish, particularly occlusive and composition not always healthy 

Despite this, the nail must take a break once in a while avoiding the application of varnish. On the cuticle side, there is no need to strive to cut them. Instead, take advantage of the hot shower that softens the skin to push them using a suitable tool such as a wooden stick. 
However, it remains to apply a real care based on vegetable oils to the virtues nourishing and moisturizing which will pamper the nail from the inside and prevent streaks and the risk of breakage and splitting. As Céline advises, manicure inbeautician at Alexandre de Paris salon, " he do not hesitate to massage at length until total penetration ”. The secret of beautiful hands lies above all in the regularity and frequency of the ritual, at least on a weekly basis. 


Hands, facade of the soul 

The hands are one of the areas of the body most affected by bacteria, dryness but also skin infections. On their own, they reflect our personal and professional life, which makes their maintenance all the more important. We therefore take advantage of the evening, before bedtime, to allow them to absorb oils or creams continuously overnight. Age, cold or even the prolonged use of gloves and household products lead to skin dryness in the hands. Whatever happens, the thickness of the skin layer decreases over time and is accompanied byath loss hydration. It therefore becomes necessary to'remediate by applying scrubs or gentle exfoliators that will eliminate dead skin and allow better absorption of your care moisturizers. The simple trick is to take advantage of the exfoliation of your face and use the excess to exfoliate hands. To put the odds on your side, perform a massage exfoliant very soflty.


Healthy feet 

Often neglected and especially during winter, the feet find themselves locked up and suffocated in thick shoes with occlusive materials. Summer like winter, this part of the body is battered by drought, choking or excessive sweating. In question, the low sebum production in this area of the body that does not work out with age. It breeds feet more and more dry with onset of drought atopic, even dirritation if left unchecked. 

The point is that this part of the body, just like the hands for that matter, is made of a strongly keratinized epidermal layer which may be up to 8 times thicker than other areas of the body. So, inevitably, it doesn't not make things easier in terms of maintenance. For this, files and graters will be there, but without overdoing it. After removing the excess of dead skin, the important thing is to moisturize. The best is to apply nourishing balm before going to bed on sensitive areas as mentioned earlier then to take pleasure in massage her feet, a precious little cocooning moment before falling into Morpheus' arms 


How to find the ideal treatment? 

At L'ODAÏTÈS, our favorite for this type of problem is Secret Nomade. A nourishing balm loaded especially in virgin jojoba oil which has the advantage of enjoying a biochemical composition similar to sebum from our skin. It therefore penetrates very well and adapts precisely to all fragile areas including folds, hands and feet leaving a non-greasy film that preserves the skin's natural hydration against cold and dryness. The little extra is that it is anti-inflammatory and healing, which allows it to also address sensitive skin, prone to skin reactions or cracks. 
It is feasy to take everywhere with you thanks to its mini and well thought out packaging and its roll-on allows an application precise and fast.


Professional advice  

Manicure at Alexandre de Paris, a trendy salon in the capital, Céline cited above has answered our questions  

-> The base suffocates-she nails it?  

No, the base does not choke the nail. However, it must be applied without touching the cuticles. The latter allows a better hold of the varnish because after installation, the surface is very smooth and adherent. She permits too to avoid traces of certain pigments in the varnish and to yellow them at the same time. Its presence protects the nails from many harmful components. A good base therefore makes it possible to offer a good protection.  

For normal nails, fluid or water-based bases are ideal because they dry quickly. For dry or brittle nails, on the other hand, prefer a thick and nourishing base which gently strengthens the nail. 

-> Do you have any advice to fight against ridged and brittle nails?  

The best advice is to hydrate and oil them regularly. Ideally, it suits beforehand smooth them with a polishing block 4 faces to reason twice a month. Be careful, however, to choose a soft polisher and to use it taking care to keep a flexible movement so as not to start the nail matrix 

-> What about the cuticles? Should we push them or cut? 

For perfect hands, we recommend that you push back the small skin that grows around the nail. So that it is not too painful, you should soak your hands in warm water or, even better, do your manicure after a hot bath or shower. The skins soften and it becomes easier to push them back. Then comes the debated question: to cut or not to cut the cuticles? It is best to cut when the regrown skin is really excess, there is a small bead of dead skin easy to catch with its special cuticle pliers otherwise it is better to avoid because there is a risk of causing inflammation. 

-> What does the Secret Nomade balm bring to the manicure? 

Its oils are very hydrating and nourishing without being greasy and they do not stain, which is a plus. They easily penetrate the nail.  

-> What do you recommend to have a soft soles?  

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate with a good oil and massage until penetration! The success of this routine lies in the regularity and frequency at least weekly. The advice is to put on Secret Nomade balm beforego to bed. This will allow the mixture of penetrate gently without forcing you in your movements during the day.