What would you like to say to your grandmother?

To you, our adored,

Did you know that today there is a specific day to celebrate grandmothers? Don't worry, we celebrate you every day! At every moment, at every moment of our life, we thank you and we strive, more or less consciously, to implement all that you have taught us; a treasure trove of knowledge about the virtues of plants and the art of skin care! A treasure marked by the memory, remained intact in our memory, of this dazzling light which radiated from your face. The whispers of your sweet voice still echo in our heads. The memories of these countless and delicious moments spent together invade us as we approach this celebration. Do you remember our laughter and emotions?

When picking orange blossoms

The orange trees resplendent with beauty, bathed in a magnificent light and lulled by the song of birds, exhaled an intoxicating fragrance at dawn. We had to be up and running early in the morning, in spite of ourselves, even before sunrise, before the dew exhaled all the aromas of the buds, we had no choice! Do you remember the rigor you imposed on us in sorting the flowers collected? we have to admit to you today that we would have paid dearly back then to stay in bed! But, we need to express our gratitude to you from the bottom of our hearts. Today we can see to what extent these moments shared and marked by the dawning light of dawn, by the scent emanating from the flowers, by the Olympian silence of dawn have charged us with inner peace.

When distilling essential oils 

The linked baskets were overflowing with orange blossoms. The water in the still was simmering. The bottles were ready to receive the "juice". We quickly realized that the art of mastering the complexity of this juice. The balance of the interplay of water temperatures inside and outside the parts of the still was a skill that only you mastered but that you strove to pass on to us. You constantly described the right gestures, the right proportions, the right durations, but our children's heads wandered... because we impatiently awaited the moment when we were finally going to be able to take these vials with both hands, inhale their bewitching and addictive scent that referred to the taste of our baby bottles and to store them away from light in order to allow this liquid gold that is Neroli to rise to the surface of the floral water.

When making skincare products

These are without a doubt the most memorable moments. We were in total admiration in front of your know-how, in front of your trained eye capable of detecting exceptional raw materials, in front of your knack capable of mastering each stage of production, in front of the ritual of your gestures able to follow up with precision the steps and finally in front of your pleasure, I would even say your enjoyment, to explain to us, to have plunged us into this universe of sensoriality, to make us grasp, touch, feel, handle, smell, manipulate materials, substances and your magical preparations such as balms, creams, masks, ...

Finally, we would like to share with you this truly apt quote from Alex Haley “No one can do for children what grandparents do. They spread a kind of stardust over their lives "and say thank you! thank you for these delicious memories that endlessly brighten our days, nights and dreams. It is time to pass them on in our turn, we are doing it with passion through our brand, your brand, the one that celebrates you every day.


With all our love and gratitude,

Nabila, Sofia and Alya.