What treatments to offer for Christmas?

The holidays are finally coming, we really need them, provided with their share of surprise gifts, reunions, delicacies and warm family evenings. So, are you looking for ideas to pamper your loved ones? here are some suggestions for each member of the family, amusinges and jokinges around our cosmetic treatments sensory to offer alone or in addition. One thing is certain, you will not be disappointed! anyone who will always be happy to receive a candle or a product care for cocoon and treat yourself beautiful, good skin fresh, plumped and bright for the holidays, even vsare the gentlemen who never dare to admit it... Seethe so our suggestion for each family member.  

Your grand-mother or your husband
the candle scented "Orangeraie en Fleur" 

Who has not automatically thought of their grandmother when they smell the scent of orange blossom? this sensual and additive scent is often registered din memory olfactory of l'childhood thus engraving an unwavering bond to the grandmother. Revive and prolong these childhood moments, by offering a candle to your grandmother, is a very original sensory and emotional gift that will further strengthen your bond. She will wrap her space of a divine and comforting scent hersong that our candle even extinguished very delicately scents the atmosphere. However, its scent is very popular with men so why not also make it a nice gift to her husband. which also pleases by its sobriety and which will participate in keeping nice memories for two. 

Your mom, the intense cream "Ange Sensationnel" 

You are probably familiar with the expression " Say it with flowers" well this time it will be "Say it with creams"😊. Once an adult, we no longer dare, by modesty, tell our mom that she is our protective angel, our Ange Sensationnel always there to pamper us and comfort us all the more or less hard times of life. So why not express your affection and gratitude to him by offering him the intense cream "Ange Sensationnel", a cream with a fine texture, fondant, fast penetrating and with a slight note of Neroli. It is the ultimate antioxidant and moisturizer, good useful and essential for anyone over 30 and also to menopausal women who will find in this cream all the essential nutrients at this period of lifeA gift for a protectiwe and supreme comfort for a smooth winter. We leave you, well sure, personalize this gift with a touching word to your Angel de mamanqui watches over you as the cream watches over your skin!   

Your dad, the multi-action lotion "Pure Merveille" 

You know the men, still few of them buy themselves or reveal their skincare routine to us. On the other hand, they are very happy to receive it, especially when it is a quick and effective cosmetic that particularly soothes razor burn. Thanks to its richness in real fresh Aloe vera juice and orange blossom water, this lotion multi-actions is ideal for these gentlemen for soothe, calm redness and irritation and rehydrate their skin 

Your girl, the light mask "Sève Divine" 

Care essential in a routine of beauty complete which is suitable for alls skin types to be sûr not to you deceive ! This mask will overcome all skin imperfections (redness, acne, etc.) and also help all skin abused by frequent make-up and foundations. This energizing mask will wake up all dull complexions darkened by tobacco, alcohol or lack of sleep (this is obviously not the case for your daughter ...). It is also the ideal treatment to dress your pretty face in light for the Christmas evening, all the tips in this item.

Your son, the balm "Secret Nomade» 

Alone or in addition to a gift, it is the care that will be very useful to your son if he is not too cranky ... With its small, rather discreet size that fits everywhere, he should in principle thank you! This balm, which will get rid of dry hands and brittle nails, is pleasant to apply, smells good, does not leave oily skin and is above all multifunctional! it can be used to nourish and hydrate any area of the body. It does not contain a drop of water so there is no risk of contamination! 

Your beautiful girl, the “Fine Fleur” body cream 

At least you will be sure not to go wrong! it is the essential and essential treatment for all women. You are also sure that you will not have any criticism 😊. Its texture, its scent, its speed of penetration and its effectiveness are unanimous! the only downside perhaps is that she becomes addicted ... it's not us saying it, it's BIBA ...  

Your sister, the gentle exfoliant "Pépite de la Palmeraie" 

Whether your sister is the oldest or the youngest, here is a gourmet treatment and essential suitable for all ages. Her incredibly texture mellow and smooth procures a moment of great sweetness, witness to your affection. She will be very grateful to you to find a skin velvety and luminous. The icing on the cake doing this exfoliating a precious gift is lat big wealth organic of ses fine powders date stones and   olive leaves Due to their high polyphenol content, these ultra-antioxidant nuggets! Penjoy of a moment of complicity to apply it to two. Consider taking a photo together, you will be sure to have fun seeing it again!

Your stepmother, the cleansing oil "Philtre Sacré" 

Whether she wears makeup or not, she should be very happy with this treatmentbased on genuine highly nutritious and antioxidant vegetable oils, essential in the evening to cleanse your skin and suitable for all skin types! If she is addicted to organic, she will be delighted to see its content 82.8% organic ingredients (against 20% required for the Cosmebio label)Thanks to its composition in real vegetable oils and its texture which turns into a balm during massage, dry or mature skin will stay hydrated and combination or oily skin will just be rid of its excess of sebum - the bad fat is replaced by the Well !

Your best friend, the redensifying serum "Elixir Bonheur" 

Ally of all skin types to provide repair, radiance and hydration at any ageAfter your twenties, the renewal of our cells slows down and the night care then becomes essentials for support the repair and regeneration activity. This ultra concentrated serum - 82% - in active ingredients and a great sensoriality can only please. You This will introduce your girlfriend, if she has not already done so, to facial massage, an essential beauty gesture !  

Of course, there is still the father-in-law, the son-in-law and many other members of the family... but hey we have offered you the ideas with our current range, we promise you it will be longer next year. And above all, do not hesitate to readjust our suggestions. After all, their benefits do not vary depending on of the recipient.