The TOP ritual for summer

Finally it's summer! With its benefits for your skin but also its inconveniences such as sweat, atmospheric pollution, sun exposure, etc... so here is how to adapt the use of your skin care products to optimize their benefits on your skin!

First, don't hesitate to put them in the fridge! And you will be enchanted by their delicious freshness which will even more tone and tighten your well-dilated pores under the effect of the heat. Then relax during your holidays with this little skincare ritual, now or never to pamper your skin:

Purify to allow penetration of care 

Packed up with sweat (day and night), remember that the first step in caring for your skin is to unclog your pores to prevent inflammation and allow the products to penetrate. The richness of our Pure Merveille cleansing water makes it ideal for purifying and soothing your skin.

Moisturize and protect against skin aging

With an exceptional clinical result (in vitro test) demonstrating a 64% drop in cell oxidation, our Ange Sensationnel will be the best ally to protect and nourish your skin intensely. Its fine texture will leave room for a protective film on your skin. But be aware that sun exposure is the first factor in skin aging and that no cream filters 100% of UV rays (there is no total screen). The best advice for real protection is to apply a "high protection" sunscreen (index 50) often and generously on top of your usual skin care cream and never go out without a hat (very large)!

FYI, the protection index is a measure for UVB rays (the only ones responsible for sunburn) but be careful, both cause damage to the skin. 

Regenerate to ensure renewal

A real complex concentrated in anti-inflammatory and healing active ingredients, our serum Elixir Bonheur will deploy its talents throughout your night's sleep to consolidate your skin, regenerate your cells and thus neutralize the inflammation and oxidation caused by pollution and the sun. 

Repair damage from oxidation and pollution

All you have to do is reboost, re-energize and repair your skin so that your beautiful golden tan does not turn into a dull complexion and bruised skin. A mask pose is then essential! that's good its neutral color will allow you to apply it for as long as you want on your skin without necessarily being noticed... the best thing is to apply it fresh, on the face, after having placed it at least 20 minutes in the refrigerator, the sparkle is even more spectacular!