All about our invigorating eye contour

Here is "Fraîcheur de l'Aube", Our new treatment which has just been launched  !

Our range of face care is thus enriched with an eye contour for a complete well-aging routine. It is timely in this period when only the eyes can still transmit our emotions. So take the opportunity to sublimate your eyes !  

But do you ask yourself without a doubt on the rationale for specific eye contour careespecially those who do not, or not yet, have a problem with pockets, dark circles, redness or other vascular imperfections. We therefore bring you a light and sharingwe with you the merits of the choice of active ingredients of this invigorating eye contour treatment and, more generally, its specificities which have served as a guide throughout these many months of formulation and development. 

Why a specific treatment for the eye area? 

Of course, our intense cream "Ange Sensationnelsuitable for the eye area. However, she will less adapted to target the problem specific dark circles and puffiness. Indeed, the area around the eye is particularly fragile due to its very thin skin thickness which, sooner or later, will reveal dark circles and undereye bags. 

With age, stress, fatigue, tobacco, lack of sleep not to mention the hereditary factors, the wall of the capillaries, these ultra fine vessels, expand and altersnt. We only see that! 

This alteration is materialized by  

  • a decrease in vascular tone and therefore vasodilation of the vessels, 
  • a slowing down of the microcirculation therefore a lower supply of oxygen and nutrients, 
  • and finally an increase in the permeability of the vessels due to deterioration of their sealing.  

We then see pockets due to the leak and to the water retention in tissues or a fat deposits or dark circles often accompanied by vascular imperfections due to the accumulation of blood pigments in nearby tissues and reduced blood flow. 

Eye contour care will therefore act by reducing redness. as well as the fragility and the appearance of the vessels, by boosting microcirculation and by toning the capillaries, thiss ultra thin vessels, to reduce their permeability. 

The active ingredients of our "Fraîcheur de l'Aube" eye contour 

Chlorella, Chlorella vulgaris 

This is son active principle star. The chlorella is a microscopic green freshwater algae, as old as the world, and ultra nutritious. Sat universal presence is proof of his wealth and shas strong ability to resist harshest living conditions. 

It was dicecovered in 1890 by a Dutch microbiologist Martinus Willem Beijerinck, a of the founders of virology. The Japanese were among the first to cultivate it - from 1955 - and have been using it for consumption since the 1970s in beverages and foods. Since its food use, in particular in the form of supplements, spread through the world and especially in Asia and the United States. 

Chlorella is distinguished by a diversity and a high nutrient content. It is both a source of amino acids, vitamins (A, B, C and E), essential fatty acids insaturated, mineral (calcium, magnesium,) and trace elements (iron, zinc, ...). It thus enjoys a moisturizing action, restorative, antioxidant and firming. This algae in particular a very tall capacity vasoconstriction because she stimuluse training collagen fibers who come to wrap and strengthen Blood vessels. La Chlorelle possesses also a very high content in chlorophyll, derived from natural porphyrin, which boost microcirculation, activate all cell metabolism around the eye and participates in scarring and at the fight against inflammation. So the vascular lesions, dark circles and the pockets are reduced, the skin is much less pigmented and the eyes are fresher and brighter.  

here why we have selected this wonder as the flagship active ingredient of our invigorating eye area and have dosed it as much as possible.  

We lhave then associatee to other key active ingredients to strengthen and meet all the needs of this fragile area.  

The other active ingredients: blueberry powder, virgin date seed oil and hyaluronic acid 

Blueberry powder ismicrocirculation booster allowing cellular exchanges. It’s also a powerful capillary tonic preventing vasodilation. He plays otherwise a role remarkable against premature aging thanks to his extraordinary rich in polyphenols and tannins 

After introducing you to date sap and date stone powder, this time, we reveal to you, in this treatment, the wonders of oil virgin extracted from the core of the date. It takes about 2 to 3 tonnes of date stones to make 1 liter of oil! It’s an oil fine, rare and ultra precious due to its high content at a time in polyphenols, in sterols - beta sitosterol -, in vitamins E and in carotenoids. It thus has an action at a time regenerative, moisturizere, firminge, fabric softener but also an action toninge on the capillaries. This precious oil stands out other oils by its broad spectrum anti-UV action covering all types of UV (UVA, UVB, UVC)! its richness in carotenoids gives it a very pretty yellow color golden who la singles out other oils. It is therefore the oil that has arguably the most complete and powerful action against premature aging and offere so revitalized, firm, supple, toned skin around the eyes and a fresh look.   

The inevitable hyaluronic acid, which you already know for its moisturizing and repairing power, is obviously one of the active ingredients of "Fraîcheur de l'Aube" without forget about our unmissable flagship active which is date sap to shas capacity energizinge and antioxidante unequalede and also brightening. 

What about its texture, its application, its note? 

Its texture is fluid and fine. Cheerful and non sticky, it will suit and will delight all skin types, even the most dehydrated ! This treatment ne leaves no greasy film and absorbs instantly allowing to those who wear makeupnt to chain directly with the application of makeup. For those with large bags under the eyes, you shootez more benefit from its decongestant and toning action by placing it atu fridge in hot weather 

For addicts to rating applications, we are pleased to report the "Excellent" rating for Yuka with a note of 93/100 and 100/100 excluding allergens which are only mentioned to prevent people allergic to GERANIOL, LINALOOL. Our care has a note of 17,8/20 issued by the application INCI Beauty and the mention "No controversial ingredient" for the Clean Beauty application 

Having said that, what matters to us is your feedback! So we can't wait to read your reviews on our website, but in the meantime we'll let you discover this eye contour treatment which amazes you!