Pépite de la Palmeraie - an exfoliant like no other

From Tozeur to Nefta, the palm groves extend into lush oases resembling mirages. It's fall: the harvest is in full swing, an ecosystem that hasn't changed for millennia. I still remember that magical light of dawn that pierced the palm trees and enchanted the gentle morning walks.
Who better than the date palm was able to give birth to a fruit endowed with fabulous virtues from this light?

Core strength in exfoliating form

In this mythical tree, everything is precious, and in particular the kernel of its fruit. Reduced to powder, it makes it possible to concoct the "coffee" of the men of the desert. But our ancestors had a very different use. Expertly mixed with honey and olive leaves, the stone powder gave rise to an earth-colored ointment, which amazed us. It is our turn to transmit this wonder to you. So the time has come to remember this formula and to integrate it into modernity while preserving the virtues of its composition.

The power of a successful formulation 

We have thus succeeded in:
- refine the dosages between substances thanks to our bibliographical and scientific research
- reinforce its antioxidant properties thanks to polyphenols, these nuggets which slow down cellular aging.
- enrich the formula with fresh juice Aloe vera to moisturize, soothe and fight against pollution, this century-old disease that accelerates skin aging
- make the grain of the stone powder finer to gently exfoliate all skin types
- integrate a preservative which is a complex of 100% vegetable origin
- stabilize the formula with an emulsifier based on 100% natural sugar

It is then the turn of the marketing and sales teams to take over. They took pleasure in packaging it, photographing it, naming it, etc… And to preserve the uniqueness and beauty of this product, they called on artisans to sculpt a spatula in real olive wood allowing you to take this beautiful ointment.

Thus was born our "Pépite de la Palmeraie", a sensory treatment with a delicious and melting texture, an ultra-soft, ultra-antioxidant treatment thanks to which you can detoxify your skin, refine its grain, boost its cell renewal, fight the responsible inflammation. pimples, blackheads and free your pores for better assimilation of care.

We look forward to hearing your impressions and hope you enjoy discovering it as much as we did concocting it!