Is your skin snorkeling under makeup?

Having beautiful skin is not easy! In an era where make-up techniques are increasingly advanced, they are no less aggressive for the epidermis. The skin, which is already fighting against impurities every day, is further weakened by ever more effective but occlusive formulas. From waterproof mascara to intense matte reds, not to mention foundations with infallible hold, there are a lot of them clinging to our face cells every day. To limit the damage, the secret is to bet on a meticulous preparation and removal of the skin, daily. We tell you everything you need to know to get a flawless complexion and make the right gestures.   


Prepare your skin before makeup, an important step 

 Subjected to dust, stress, sweat, pollution... the skin has a hard time every day when it is brought to cross the path of the external weather. It suffers, tugs, stiffens, dries out, reddens and tries as best it can to send you a message that you have neglected for too long. This is not to thank her, she who fights every day like a physiological barrier against winds and tides.  

It might be time to return the favor and give her a little relief from the protective role she offers you every day. The solution is to offer her a barrier before she overdoses. The key word in preparation is hydration! An obligatory rite that should never be ignored! Without it, it is the open door to the imperfections in all kinds which one however wishes to eradicate as well as with the dull and morose complexion. In this case, we let you imagine the state of your epidermis when the only thing you offer it is a foundation with a very unknown composition that is melted between clogged pores. It should be noted that the use of makeup is more rewarding on skin that is already luminous and plump. In light quantities, its purpose is to beautify us and not to hide us. This is the promise of our Divine Date Sap mask, which proposes to smooth and brighten at the same time. It prepares and unifies the skin to naturally reflect light and enhance its innate beauty. In the long run, it will be all the more beautiful and will require less beauty treatment.

A routine at include at his daily life 

Every day, before working on your complexion, start by washing your face with clear water using a soap or a gentle cleansing gel, according to your preferences. It will however have for ambition to tighten the pores, to tone the skin and to restore its hydrolipidic film. In the end, the skin barrier will be stronger. The best thing is to choose one that is rich in active botanical ingredients and remains gentle on the skin. The winter, one will prefer a serum to him. It can be moisturizing, anti-aging or protective and is combined with a day cream, also adapted to your skin type. The combination of these two products ensures optimal hydration, allowing the skin to derive maximum benefit from the entire routine. It will amplify the effect of the care products and restore the skin's natural barrier. 


Make-up removal is crucial 

In the evening, it's exactly the same story. After a day of physical and mental hardship, the skin needs a good cleaning and a break. It's out of the question to go to bed while all those stubborn residues are still present, especially since it's during the night that the skin launches its cellular renewal. The solution lies in removing makeup to give life back to this skin on the edge of its skin, which just wants to find its freedom. The cause is the particles and makeup that have accumulated over the course of the day and that prevent it from breathing. This accumulation is one of the main causes of skin dryness, premature aging, and the appearance of blackheads and blemishes. 

Presented in the form of oils, milks, gels, lotions or micellar waters, the make-up remover is now imagined and designed to meet all needs. It is used every evening on a cotton pad or with the hand, in order to remove the residues and avoid the imperfections which could be born in return. The goal is to have no residue left at the end! When the last cotton is clean, the job is done; at least for now. And to find the one that works best for you, just try it. Oils, with their nourishing benefits, meet the needs of all skin types, with a slight preference for very dry skin. The milks, as for them, have an appetence for the dry skins to very dry. On the other hand, one does not privilege the use of gels which dry the skin strongly. On the other hand, in order to remove all the residues, it is strongly advised to use a lotion. Finally, the best way to get the most out of your cleansing is to use a double cleanser that combines oil and lotion. This is the perfect opportunity to try cosmetics made with nutritious plant substances that preserve the health of the skin's microbiome. 

As for stubborn makeup with occlusive foundation, waterproof mascara or matte lipstick, the goal is to unclog pores and reconstitute the skin's hydro lipidic film. These revolutionary textures are all the more harmful to the skin. Endocrine disruptors, allergens and irritants can be part of their composition, despite the risks and even bans on the market. In case your cosmetic choices are part of them, first make the decision to extract them from your routine. Secondly, insist on skincare to rebuild the skin's hydrolipidic film that may have been altered. To do this, apply our Gentle Exfoliating Scrub Pépite de la Palmeraie 2 to 3 times a week to unclog pores.  

For those who choose to wear makeup on a daily basis, skin cleansing and maintenance are even more important. For this reason, never skip your preparation routine and makeup removal in order to protect the skin barrier as much as possible. As a bonus, before your day or night care, apply and massage a drop of our Elixir Bonheur serum, rich in anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-bacterial active ingredients, on your face in order to purify and cleanse.  


Pay attention to the composition  

In all cosmetics can be hidden agents harmful to the planet but also for the skin. They are called PEG, Parabens, phenoxyethanol, kerosene, silicones or ozokerite and microcrystalline wax to name a few. They are found in foundations, lipsticks and even some creams, some of which claim to be organic. These substances are carcinogenic, comedogenic and, in addition to influencing the metabolism in the wrong direction, they tend to irritate the skin and its protective film. To avoid this, always pay attention to the composition and avoid products whose substances do not benefit the skin.  


How to avoid skin overdose? 

We need to rethink our makeup and skincare consumption through cosmetic products with natural active ingredients. Think more green, natural. We must be aware of the extent of the damage that abrasive chemical products can cause and monitor their composition. The skin is the reflection of our health and deserves to be pampered, both by our food and cosmetic choices. In an era where we are really starting to care about the composition of our products, cosmetics companies are increasingly trying to review their processes in order to take advantage of these new wishes and ways of consuming, as we do at L'ODAÏTÈS. In this regard, applications such as Yuka also allow to monitor the composition of beauty products.