The benefits of dates, an ultra powerful active ingredient

Mmm the date... this fruit fleshy and tasty turns oute be a true nugget for our skin. Nobe research scientist we have, indeed, demonstrated that spulp, cold extracted, is a active 360 ° ultra powerful able to swallow all of our skin lnutrients without exception and to give it back so the vigor of his youth

It’s a principe cosmetic active ingredient concentrated in:

  • Polyphenols 
  • Carotenoids 
  • Minerals and trace elements 
  • Polysaccharides
  • Amino acids 
  • Essential fatty acids 

But why ces magic molecules and their benefits constitute-they a real fountain of youth for our skin  ? This is what we invite you to discover through this little video ...

So, we made one key active ingredientyears the majority of our cares in order to offer you care capable of both regenerate, firm up, purify, plump and brighten your skin.  

Do not wait any longer for integrate into your skincare ritual... 

Ange Sensationnel Fraîcheur de l'Aube
Sève Divine Pépite de la Palmeraie
Philtre Sacré Fine Fleur

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