Customer Reviews - Pure Merveille

Is our natural make-up remover Pure Merveille lotion making eyes at you but you dare not take the plunge?

Discover through this video the edifying testimony of a satisfied customer who share ritual sound to get the most out of the benefits of this lotion.

Sandrine has a very fine and sensitive skin that needs soothing and moisturizing care and that's what she found with Pure Merveille; The cleansing care water moisturizes, cleanses and soothes me at the same time and this orange blossom water takes me back to my childhood [...] I use it a lot as soothing and refreshing compresses after a beautiful day in the sun, after the shower, coming back from the beach, I put these soaked compresses on my eyes. It soothes me enormously, especially when the water comes out of the fridge it's very refreshing!"

Fancy a drink? Take a fresh impression on your face thanks to this soothing, natural makeup remover lotion? It's over here.


Pure Merveille