Gesture - Pure Merveille

Did you know that the cleaning and the make-up removal are a whole art ? It is indeed more complicated than it appears to clean, purify and make-up remover appropriately...

This step is the most important part of your treatment ritual for it must treat and care for the first protective fence of your skin which is its famous hydrolipidic film.. Discover through our video how the pamper this crucial step with our lotion. purifying, tonic and clean and natural make-up remover, Pure Merveille.

Thanks to its natural composition, this precious lotion with Aloe vera and orange blossom water will allowin addition to cleaning and make-up removal, dice strengthen its protective barrier for a healthy and clear skin.

The active ingredients of this precious lotion will soothe and calm redness and irritation. by restoring your skin's hydrolipidic film.

You can also use this care in the morning, as a first beauty step to promote the penetration of your skin care products.

Want to try this makeup remover, soothing lotion and naturelle ? It's over here.

Pure Merveille