Date palm

If the date, from the date palm is the star ingredient of our care products, it is not by chance... it is a real mine for the skin.

Endowed with an exceptional wealth in polyphenols, amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, essential fatty acids, etc. there date east a great principle 360° active, for a global protection.

Indeed of this fruit harvested in the autumn, we extract cold from its pulp, which the virtues offer all the defences necessary to the skin. The skin is thus regenerated, revitalized, moisturized and plumped up, giving you a clear, smooth and luminous complexion.

So if you want to pamper your skin and give it a real to give you a boost, discover our date products now.  

Ange Sensationnel Fraîcheur de l'Aube
Sève Divine Pépite de la Palmeraie
Fine Fleur  

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