Date - Harvest

"It's autumn, the harvest is in full swing. The inhabitants practice the same ancestral harvesting rituals."

We invite you to to the journey through this video in the heart of the palm grove. The date, principle asset lighthouse of our natural cosmetics, east collected on date palms every year in the autumn. This ingredient, a real fountain of youth for there skin, is at the heart of our story. His place of predilection, lhe desert, says a lot about its course to resist the oxidation of the sun and the drought. This fruit of gold and light gives us thethe heart for allow us to offer you the best care. Discover the harvesting of this thousand-year-old active ingredient.

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Ange Sensationnel Fraîcheur de l'Aube
Sève Divine Pépite de la Palmeraie
Philtre Sacré Fine Fleur

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