Scented candle

Orangeraie en Fleur - 200G
49 €


Evocative of both sensuality and childhood, the orange blossom subtly combines opulence and finesse. The addictive fragrance from the blossom in this candle gently softens and envelopes the ambiance as well as your dreams.

Like a travel diary, this candle offers an initiatory journey to the art of care. It envelops sensuality your beauty rituals and transforms them into a moment of relaxation and enchantment.
A real treat for your mind and your skin!
100% Natural origin

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Never leave the candle unattended. Keep away from children and animals. Regularly cut the drill bit to 5 or 6 mm and keep it at the correct height. Regularly recenter the bit. At the end of the first use, make sure that the liquid wax covers the entire surface of the candle by rotating it on itself. Extinguish the smoking candle (check the recommendations before relighting it). Do not place on a flammable or fragile surface. Do not let burn for more than three consecutive hours.
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