To return to the essentials and to the pleasure of the original treatment: that was our desire, this was also the teaching of our heritage! Initiated by our grandmother in the art of botanical skincare, we in turn decided to pass on and use our scientific expertise for the benefit of this art to give life to a line of cosmetic skincare where naturalness and technicality become synonymous. Cradled by the wonderful world of plants, we have succeeded in extracting the best from them and thus making balms, anointings, lotions, creams, etc ... while taking care to preserve their sensory qualities.  
L'ODAÏTÈS sign so a line of care botanical cosmetics which sublimates the skin while intoxicating the senses…  

Biomimetic active ingredients are at the heart of our history 

Broken from our childhood in the art and in the manner to extract and of transforming plant substances, we have been able to observe, experience and appreciate at how fundamental the nature and quality of the plant substance was. Our expertise scientist gave us backare masters in the control and mastery of this art. Thus, lextract technologyion of our plant complexes cold extraction, cold pressing, bio-fermentationation, steam extraction... - leads to protect their biological wealth and therefore to best preserve the nature of their substances. Their chemical relationship with those of our skin then allows an optimal absorption of their active molecules in the layers deep of our epidermis. L’ODAÏTÈS thus offers you treatments with active plant substances with a high absorption power.   

La date, fountain of youth of the nature, is our flagship key active ingredient  

For millennia, the date palm brave the dryesse, the sun, and regenerates alone in arid land. The mechanism of natural selection has thus proven its ability to survive in extreme conditions thanks to the presence within it of molecules. capable of capturing water, neutralizing oxidative stress and repairing the damage caused by photo-oxidation. The date palm thus offers us an extraordinary ultra powerful key ingredient with multiple powers and to action prodigiousget on our skin 

A true therapy for the skin, this revolutionary active ingredient contains a combination of active substances with high nutritional power. This is a pconcentrated antioxidants, polyphenols, carotenoids, essential amino acids, trace elements, essential fatty acids and polysaccharides. In short, all substances essential for cell renewal, repair and communication. It is our flagship active ingredient in our intensely nutritious formulations.  

The high quality of our excipients is our first requirement 

Our cosmetics are madees in smalls seriess in France. They consist of at least 97% natural ingredients. The quality and naturalness of our emulsifiers boost the bioavailability and therefore the absorption of the active substances of our care, preserving the hydrolipidic film as well as the skin pH, unlike conventional emulsifiers. Our preservatives are gentle. Our formulas are completely free of unwanted components such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones, mineral oils, PEG, sulphates, BHA, BHT, etc.  

Neroli is our olfactory signature  

This is the essential oil extracted through steam distillation of flowers bitter orange. It’s a real «liquid gold» for our skin due to its strong anti-inflammatory power. Her incredibly addictive and intoxicating fragrance has marked our olfactory memory and offers you a sweet invitation to ae getaway sensorythe.  

Senses in turmoil and bodies awake, the mind wanders through the intoxicating scent of our cares while your skin feasts on best of the stuff with the added fun!