Our natural cosmetics, from birth to completion

What are natural cosmetics?

To date, the regulations are as follows: the Natural label imposes a minimum content of at least 95% of natural ingredients and of natural origin in your cosmetic product.
For us, naturalness does not stop at the active substances in our care. All other excipients are carefully selected on the basis of their naturalness and quality. This is how we guarantee that our treatments contain at least 98% natural ingredients. 

Our treatments belonged to our ancestral apothecaries of yesteryear who made them, tested, certified and broadcast each in turn. They have thus survived the centuries and like what endures over time, they thus come to demonstrate the benefits of their key ingredients and the soundness of their composition. 

A natural cosmetic begins with the selection of its ingredients  

At L’ODAÏTÈS, guaranteeing the quality of active substances was first and foremost a matter of know-how among the women of our lineage. Rich in this experience, we have also made it a matter of expertise. Our chemist sister is in charge of the drastic sourcing of raw materials such as virgin jojoba, prickly pear, apricot kernel oils, fresh aloe vera juice, fresh date pulp juice, distilled floral waters steamed, bio-fermented hyaluronic acid, fine powder of olive leaves, fine powder of apricot kernels, etc... So many carefully selected ingredients extremely sensitive to air and light due to their freshness which we have been extremely successful in preserving throughout the supply cycle, manufacturing and packaging. Our flagship active, cold-extracted date pulp, has been the subject of an even more rigorous selection because it is a 360° active, i.e. covering all the skin's needs: hydration, renewal, repair, firming and revitalization.  

Very early on, we learned the importance of the terroir to supply us, the one that offers the right microclimate to obtain the best quality of neroli, the essential oil of the bitter orange blossom - bitter orange - or the best quality of fresh juice. 'aloe vera.  

Our approach to naturalness requires preservation of the integrity of the substance 

We have been able to experiment and see that the use of these active substances in their original form is the guarantee of effectiveness. Our challenge therefore consisted in developing extraction techniques to preserve this freshness and to keep intact the biological richness of the substance. 
Cold pressing, bio-fermentation, distillation, etc… are some of the techniques we have used to achieve our botanical biomimetic active ingredients. These key active ingredients therefore have a chemical and biological relationship with our skin which allows optimal absorption of their active molecules in the deep layers of our epidermis. This is how the trace elements or even the essential fatty acids, preserved intact in the extract of our plant substance, "resemble" those of our skin, so they are perfectly recognized and assimilated by our epidermis. 
The effectiveness of our care is witness to this biomimetic action with, for example, for our cream an in vitro test demonstrating a decrease in cellular oxidation of 64%! If you are interested in biomimicry, see our article biomimicry, a beneficial chemical relationship.

The mastery of virgin vegetable oils is also part of our strengths. Of course, it is extremely trickier to formulate with virgin vegetable oil than with refined oil. Unlike a refined oil, a virgin oil is “alive” because it still has all its richness in Omega 3,6 and 9, in vitamin E, in beta-carotenes. We explain everything in the article virgin oils vs refined oils.

As you have understood, here too you will find in our treatments the pure fresh juice of cold pressed Aloe vera, not a powder diluted in water, which will fully preserve the moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, healing and restorative action of Aloe vera. 

For us, creating a natural cosmetic is an approach that goes beyond formulation 

The ecological dimension is dear to us. We have discarded all plastic film and instructions for our care. All the information and usage tips you will need are available on our website.  
Each packaging has been the subject of an in-depth analysis to choose the most ecological bottle that ensures the best protection of the formula. For our repairing serum, Elixir Bonheur, we preserve the freshness and the preciousness of its fabulous virgin vegetable oils by vacuuming the bottle just after filling.  
When we had to find spatulas for the use of our exfoliant, it seemed obvious to us to support women artisans who provided us with magnificent spatulas in noble olive wood. These accessories are ecological, reusable and perfectly clean.  
It is our sister pharmacist who oversees the vacuum manufacturing of our treatments to ensure maximum protection of the benefits of their key active ingredients. We have complete and perfect control of the whole chain; from the selection of ingredients to the packaging of our treatments, including the formulation of our blends, which is also done internally by our teams. Nothing escapes us ! 

As you have probably already deduced, our treatments are free of any undesirable or harmful ingredients for ecological or health reasons such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, PEGs, mineral oils or waxes, phthalates, polymers, dyes, silicones, plant ingredients from GMO cultivation or any other substance that is not respectful of skin health or quality. 
We have particularly refined the choice of our emulsifiers and surfactants. Thus beyond their naturalness, they make it possible to preserve the hydrolipidic film and the cutaneous pH of your skin, unlike conventional surfactants.  

Our raison d'être is to offer you natural, healthy and effective made in France cosmetic treatments, hoping that you will have as much pleasure in using them as we have had in making them.