This light mask is above all an energizing treatment that boosts the skin's metabolism and plumps it up, giving it unprecedented radiance and light!

Thus, it provides essential additional benefits because it is not enough to fade a few wrinkles to restore freshness and luminosity to the face, much more is needed !! Indeed, other imperfections can affect it heavily: pores which enlarge, a complexion which becomes cloudy by the progressive oxidation of proteins, redness which sets in, dark circles which become pigmented, etc. . This is the real difference between real age and apparent age. 

Our in vivo test shows an effect smoothing with reduction in wrinkle depth by up to -39%. Measurement carried out 1 hour after application.

This light mask is very rich in fresh cold pressed date sap; second ingredient in terms of concentration in the INCI list. To preserve the freshness of the date sap, we packaged the mask in an Airless bottle. Any excess that is deposited on the orifice of the airless pump will turn brown on contact with the air like the flesh of an apple for example, this is normal since it is rich in polyphenols! However, be sure to replace the bottle cap.