Roucou powder is very rich in carotenoids and in particular in bixin - on average 300 times more bixin than carrots contain beta-carotene! Carotenoids absorb light energy, stimulate the production of melanin production of melanin and reduce the formation of free radicals, those responsible for premature aging of the skin. This powder promotes pigmentation and protection against oxidation by UV rays, helps to protect the skin from UV rays. It also helps to maintain a healthy skin and fight against imperfections.

The wild pansy helps to detoxify and maintain a healthy skin by draining the toxins present at the cutaneous level, it is particularly precious for dry skins.

Prickly pear cladodes powder is known in nutraceuticals for its antioxidant power and ability to maintain healthy skin. Hyaluronic acid is known for its moisturizing and regenerating properties.

Zinc plays a crucial role in cell metabolism. It is involved in cell repair and renewal. It helps to fight against all imperfections and in particular acne.

Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, helps slow cell aging and normal collagen formation Vitamin E helps protect cells against oxidative stress.

A gold mine for a good look ...