Pigmentation spots are characteristic of photo-exposed skin or aged skin that, over time, has accumulated a high level of cellular stress or worn out its solar capital.

To act on the pigmentation and the size of these spots, we have combined in this serum active ingredients with multiple actions acting both on the inhibition of the factors of this cellular stress, both on the export of melanin initiated by the neuropeptide Substance P and both by the elimination of melanin-rich surface cells.

The ultra-hydrating power of this serum makes it even more unique. Indeed, this power results from a redynamization of the hydrous flows by trapping water, an optimization of its redistribution and a restructuring of the epidermis so that it preserves its water content. However, with age, the skin becomes increasingly dry and water, which is less and less present, no longer allows the circulation of active ingredients in the epidermis. Thus, even the most effective skin care product will not be able to achieve its full effect.


-28% decrease of the melanin rate observed after for 14 days. In-vitro test.

+76% increase on average of the hydration level 4hrs after application. In vivo test.