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Article: 24 hours in a skin's life

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24 hours in a skin's life

The skin- such a wonder, adorning the body with its smooth texture, and decorating is with its resistant and impervious abilities.  It is approcimated that our skin covers almost 1.7 meters squared of our bodies, and is under constant attack from the outside.  It sheds, dehydrates, defends, repairs, and restores itself.

But when do all those things happen, exactly?  That's the real question to ask in order to understand how to give it nutrients it needs and get the best out of skincare techniques.  So here are the most important moments in its normal day:

- 5-8 am:  the skin gets up early, and as soon as it reawakens, it starts to activate its defenses to prepare for a full day ahead of it (sun rays, pollution, heat regulation). Thus, it is important to help protect it by first applying a tonic or a fragrance mist care, which will restore its hydrolipid film, then apply a cream, which would enable it to fight completely against oxidation, dehydration, and inflammation at the same time.

- 8 am- 1 pm:  its blood circulation is in full swing and peaks in the sebum start to appear at the end of the morning.  This translates to a skin with more tendency to shine, so it is important to choose a cream with a light texture in order to limit this effect.  Meanwhile, the skin's pH acidity increases throughout the day, which protects it from attacks by bacteria.

- 3-8 pm:  its fatigue finally finished, the skin works to rejuvenate itself in the afternoon, so we need to help it along.  Think water, water, water!  Drinking helps the skin rehydrate, no matter what state it is in.  Even without any physical exertion, the skin gets rid of around 1.5 liters of water per day.

- 8-11 pm:  cellular energy decreases.  If you have a long evening out ahead of you, you will need a hand with a good energizing mask to repair your skin's glow and beauty.  If you are having a more quiet evening in at home, prepare your skin for a good night's rest.  Cleaning it is always very important for eliminating dead cells, sebum, pollution, etc, as well as de-blocking the pores so that your skincare products can permeate at night.

- 11 pm- 5 am:  this is the golden moment for repairing and restoring the cells, with a spike around 2 am. This is where the importance of applying a skincare very concentrated in active reparative ingredients comes into play.  Give oily serums more attention, because a massaging movement stimulates cellular division.  And know that any time of sleep acquired before midnight is two times more beneficial for the skin and body.

Sure, restoration and repair requires daily work, but one should count between 30 and 45 days before the epidermis can be entirely renewed. So don't wait, the more you take care of your skin the more it will give back to you!

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