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Article: Dates - the new anti aging ingredient that combats oxidation

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date fruit

Dates - the new anti aging ingredient that combats oxidation

The date palm, a thousand year old tree rooted in the south regions up to the Euphrates, lives a solitary life, meditating in silence and in the heat, slowly but surely ingests the intense light from the arid and stormy deserts of the sahara.  It produces a fleshy and smooth fruit, one of the first exotic fruits discovered by the Europeans.  It has been named the "date" because Aristides believed that it looked like a finger, or "daktulos" in Greek.

From this deliciously ripe fruit, we can extract a syrup, that is called "date sap" thanks to a technology that performs several levels of sorting, cleaning, de-putting, crushing, and cold extraction.  Each process requires a minute attention and is used according to the technical conditions belonging to each variety of date. 

Seeing the enormous scope of territory belonging to the date palms, we can count up to 200 different varieties of dates which are differentiated by their consistency, their size, their color, their form, and even by their retention of nutrients.  Their innocent fruit, covered by an unassuming exterior, contains a biological richness that is absolutely impressive in its fifference between each one, and between their stages of maturity, and even between their regions of habitat.

In fact, the best way is to act as soon as possible during their maturity to preserve the extraction of this little desert fruit, and to get all the innumerable and diverse nutrients of this vegetative substance.  The date date sap extract is thus rich in various elements including:

- in antioxidants- an indicating measurement of of their antioxidant abilities is shown notably by their strength- three times stronger than grapes

- in amino acids- guaranteed to maintain the skin's hydration.

- in oligo-elements- key factors in cellular regeneration

- in essential fatty acids- protective shields for the skin's water reserves

- in polysaccharides- an energy reserve and facilitator for cellular communication.

Now that you have a clear knowledge of their functions, you can see that when we use date sap in our Crème Intense and Masque, we are offering your skin a true fountain of youth experience.  Try it and you will see!

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