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Article: Jojoba oil, a wax with a composition close to skin sebum

Jojoba oil, a wax with a composition close to skin sebum

As you well know, we have a "weakness" for desert plants.  Their ability to make this dry environment their habitat says a lot about their biological richness and their profitable properties for our skin (water retention, oxidation resistance...).  Today, we are going to let you discover the Jojoba.  This ancient plant, nicknamed "Gold of the Desert" produces fruit the size of olives, and matures in the fall.

 A wax with a composition close to sebum from the pressed grains of jojoba gives us an extracted "oil", or more precisely, a liquid wax, with very little fat content and gold-colored, and measures the size of a hazelnut.  It's the only type of vegetable wax in existence.  Given its richness in waxy substances, it hardly ever goes rancid and is resistant to oxidation and heat.

 We love it for its refined nature and its power to be absorbed by the skin.  It is truly the vegetable oil that most closely resembles that of sebum from your skin.  Thanks to this likeness, it easily penetrates without leaving behind a greasy feeling.  It is also remarkable for its strength in specific polyunsaturated fatty acids, which allows it to be well absorbed by the skin, notably when it is being applied for anti-aging effects.


Jojoba oil- a superfood for the skin

 Its high content in unsaponifiable materials in this unique composition is what imparts the jojoba with its truly exceptional qualities.  It is good for:

 -healing and regenerating, by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and fibroblasts.

-balancing, by regulating the secretion of cutaneous sebum

-protecting, by creating a film which preserves the natural hydration of the skin

-fighting UV rays, as a natural sun filter with a 5 level protection

And finally, acting as an inflammatory, combatting acne and psoriasis, and calming redness and irritation.

 Jojoba oil is not for human digestion.  It remains reserved for candles, printer ink....or finally, for cosmetics.  For this last one, you can find it on the labels of cosmetic care products under the latin name "Simmondsia Chinensis" and in the ingredient lists of our facial cream Crème Sensationelle and our Elixir Bonheur repairing serum.


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