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Article: For Valentine’s Day, call on antioxydants, the friend who only wants the best for you

For Valentine’s Day, call on antioxydants, the friend who only wants the best for you

For Valentine’s Day, call on antioxydants, the friend who only wants the best for you

Valentine’s day is coming up soon, and we know what you’re about to say- that its only a commercial holiday and isn’t that special and bla bla bla…

However, there’s a little voice inside all of us that makes us want to feel our most fabulous, radiant selves…you know what I mean. Whether you are going to a fancy candlelit dinner for two or spending a relaxing evening with friends, you want to look your best!! This is our mission and we are here to help you out with it! It’s our goal to make you look your most beautiful in your own skin, and to give you that special wow factor that will have everyone’s eyes on you.

So what’s the plan of attack? We are actually calling on our old friends, the antioxidants, to help us out.

For a long time, antioxidants have been misunderstood. The term antioxidant itself has been a part of our everyday speech, but its connotation is usually meant to describe a fruit, a dish, or a diet…but what do we really mean when we use this word, and how does it really work?

Its actually pretty simple. What happens is that it uses a mechanism that is set off by an imbalance between two permanent processes: formation versus the elimination of chemical species called « oxidants » that are usually produced in limited quantities.

This imbalance, created by light radiation, solar rays, outside pollution, tobacco, etc, thus creates an oxidant stress, meaning that it creates an excess of oxidant species that overwhelm the body and alter healthy cells. This extraneous formation also creates other negative effects, such as provoking skin diseases, accelerating cell and molecule aging, and wildly increasing the risk of cancer.

So who are the savior warriors who are going to protect our skin and body from these oxidizing species? They are the antioxidant molecules which are naturally present in an of themselves, like vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione, selenium, zinc, carotenoids, flavonoids, etc. But they need some reinforcement to help them get to the very end of this fight. For them to really succeed, we have no other choice but to increase their abilities by upping their concentration. We can accomplish this by nourishing the skin and applying adequate amounts of cosmetic products on the surface, and by taking care of our bodies with the right diet.

So go ahead and give your body the attention it deserves- eat colorful fruits and vegetables (orange, yellow, red, and purple), add virgin vegetable oils to your diet, eat whole grains, and consume seafood and shellfish. Add green tea and dark chocolate to this recipe for success, and above all don’t forget the red wine!

The same rule also applies to your skin! Apply skincare products rich in active benefits that carry antioxidizing molecules, such as the date fruit which carries a high content in selenium, zin, carotenoids, polyphenols, etc. They also favor natural ingredients and non-refined oils which will fill your skin will all their important benefits.

Ladies, let’s not waste time- we need to act right away! You know that having a radiant complexion is an absolute must. This is why we’ve made it our goal to give you the best that we can create- in this case, a radiance mask called « Seve Divine de Dattes ». It’s a mask that truly penetrates the depth of your skin and acts like the sun that we’re missing so much in this wintertime.

With every purchase of the Seve Divine de Dattes mask, we offer you a very nice surprise that you can carry with you every day. So, without further ado, will you be our Valentine?

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