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Article: The hydrolipidic layer : our skin’s number one shield !

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The hydrolipidic layer : our skin’s number one shield !

It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve given you practical advice on how to take care of your precious skin. Today, what we’re going to tell you will be the most important thing by far that you should know. So, take a pencil, because it’s time to take some notes !

Like the old saying says : « Rome wasn’t built in a day » ! In this case, we’re talking about the hydrolipid film and your skin’s health. By taking care of your delicate skin, you are taking the first step towards preserving your young and healthy state. Ok, so how can we accomplish this ?

To do all that, first we need to know how exactly the hydrolipid film works. It’s basically a homogeneous mixture that’s comprised of an aqueous phase and a lipid phase. The aqueous phase, which is mostly made up of sweat, is primarily responsible for maintaining the skin’s acidity level by using the buffering strength of amino acids. However, the lipid phase, comprised of sebum and cell lipids, makes sure that skin stays hydrated by stopping it from losing water. Keeping the balance between these two phases is essential. The composition of the hydrolipid film changes with our age, our skin’s temperature, and with our diet. And one other thing- did you know that the pH of your skin is actually 5.5 ? This means it’s acidic, and yes ladies, that means that pH neutral products are not meant for your skin.

In order to play its part as protector of the hydrolipid film and make sure that it can act as a barrier against the onslaught of foreign substances, one of the things we must do is to maintain the right level of acidity and composition of lipids that guarantee an antibacterial protection. The other part is to preserve its amino acids and its lipids, which act as key elements in playing a role in hydrating the skin.

So it’s time to think about pampering your skin ! We’ve got three basic rules for you to do this :

Make sure, first of all, to choose skincare products, including makeup cleansing treatments and/or cleansers, that would maintain this fragile balance. Also be sure to use cosmetic products that don’t contain harsh and aggressive properties, such as sodium lauryl sulfate or phenoxyethanol, or even disodium EDTA, to name a few.

It’s an important ritual for us to thoroughly clean our skin every evening, even for those who don’t wear makeup. Doing this will get rid of dead skin cells, pollution, and even too much sebum, and at the same time can allow for the deep penetration of skincare treatments at night. The knowledge of mixing cool fresh Aloe vera juice and orange-flower distilled water that are in “Pure Merveille d’Aloe vera” is what can protect the integrity of the hydrolipid film and will be able to cleanse your skin without destabilizing its natural pH balance.

Finally, you should know that the water from your faucet is not a good friend to your skin, since it contains large percentages of chlorine and calcium, which act as detergent agents. This water also has a pH very close to 7, while the hydrolipid film is naturally acidic.

So you see, it’s so simple to take good care of your skin, and at the same time so “profitable”, that it would be a pity to pass up the opportunity!

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