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Article: Biomimicry, a beneficial biological kinship

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Biomimicry, a beneficial biological kinship

What you’ve heard is true- natural is the current trend. From our plates to our cosmetics, we hear all the talk buzzing around words like organic, natural, chemical... When speaking about the world of cosmetics, the theories are diverse and understanding the complexity of formulas is often out of our reach. So how do we make the right choice for a good product? In order to help you and save you time, we want to explain the skin’s absorption abilities and give you more insight into the skin’s capacity to better absorb and integrate one product over another.

Just as you have already read in our previous article (include link to article in question), the hydrolipid film of your skin possesses a barrier function that protects it against the penetration of foreign substances. Nevertheless, this barrier function is not completely reliable, meaning that the skin is still somewhat permeable and this degree of permeability relies on several of the following factors:

  • Its physiological state (thickness, hydration, cutaneous state);
  • The characteristics of the products applied to it

Basically, the likelihood of a product’s ability to sink through the skin’s epidermis depends, first of all, on the size of the molecules within the composition. To put it simply, the smaller they are, the deeper the permeation. This process also relies on the degree of affinity that it has with the outer layer. And this is the main issue!

We know that plants have developed their own defense system to fight against external aggressions, such as solar rays, drought, extreme heat, etc. This is actually pretty interesting since we can perceive a distinct similarity and chemical likeness of the defense mechanisms between our skin and that of plants. 

This makes it easier for us to understand that the more the natural extracts that the active ingredients contain means a greater likeness the composition will have in comparison to the skin, and thus meaning a greater chance for the products to be integrated into the skin. Such an active ingredient, capable of mimicking or imitating a molecule naturally present in the skin, is known as a biomimetic active.

From this fact, all active ingredients extracted from nature (in plant or sea environments) and composed of molecules already present in our skin are considered biomimetic if their extraction methods allow the biological richness to be preserved in the original element.

Thus, our active ingredients such as our pure virgin oils (with their essential fatty acids), cold extracted date sap (with its amino acids, its oligo-elements, its polyphenols, etc...), fresh Aloe vera juice (with its vitamins, its essential amino acids, and its minerals...), hyaluronic acid (extract from bacteria bio-fermentation), etc... are some simple examples of biomimetic active ingredients.

This is why our formulas, which contain components of plant-based substance that are identical or similar to those of our skin, create excellent results. All you have to do is apply them and receive endless enjoyment.

Today, the focus on the role of biomimicry in cosmetics is receiving more and more attention as the realization of the importance of the essential assimilation abilities of our skin has become a growing issue.

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