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Article: Hyaluronic acid, again the size matters !

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Hyaluronic acid, again the size matters !

What is it?

It is a natural component found in the body, that takes the shape of a compressed gel that fills the spaces between the cells. It is usually synthesized by the derma cells, and in smaller amounts, by the epidermal cells.

Its production multiplies from infancy to the end of the growth period, and then begins and continues to decline at a steady rate with age. It is estimated that around 50 years old, the adult body only possesses about half of the amount of cells it had at infancy.

This means that the life expectancy of a cell is less than 2 days!

What does it do?

Hyaluronic acid plays a role on the level of:

-Tonicity and hydration of the skin: this is its key function! It is able to maintain 1000 times its own weight in water. It attracts and entraps water like a sponge. Eventually as its “compartments” are filled, it stretches and becomes elastic, all while increasing its resistance to pressure. Basically, it acts as a great dampener and absorber!

-Cellular regeneration, adhesion, and migration, mainly concerning scar healing.

-Development and upkeep of the architectural integrity of tissue

How is it extracted?

Two extraction processes are possible:

- From rooster combs: with this method, chemical purifying treatments do not allow for the elimination of all

solvents and other waste.

- From bacterial fermentation: the methods and conditions of the culture have a considerable impact on the quality and product. Our pharmaceutical expertise enables us to select the best manufacturing laboratories based in czechoslovakia, guaranteeing a biotechnological production with no GMOs and without any material originating from animals.

How can we preserve its presence in our skin?

-Limit exposure to sun, tobacco products, pollution, and other toxins, and limit alcohol consumption- to avoid destroying it

-Bring the skin a daily dose of it with a good nourishing cream or skincare that also is ideally at a small or medium molecular weight in order to ensure that the hyaluronic acid does not just stay on the surface of the skin. This can be accomplished with our Creme Sensationnelle.

-Inhibit its destruction by nourishing the skin with a diet rich in antioxidants (fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, tumeric, cinnamon, pepper…)

A lovely season is upon us, so think of preserving and protecting your skin as much as possible!

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