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Article: Rosemary, an antiaging active ingredient that smells amazing !

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Rosemary, an antiaging active ingredient that smells amazing !

In the world of perfume, our noses are enticed by it.  In cuisine, its our taste buds that it treats. But did you know that in cosmetics it provides some of the best defenses against aging in our cells?

 Vapor-distilled, the flowers and leaves of rosemary produce an essential oil that is particularly valuable due to its powerful antioxidant agents.  Its essential oil from rosemary is among the most unique active properties that has a double-action:  it is capable of interrupting chain reactions of free radicals (preventing lipid peroxidation) while also breaking down and eliminating those free radicals (an anti-radical action).

It’s therefore an invaluable ally for antioxidant defense.

What is this defense?  Its very simple!  In two words- the skin.  Like all organic tissue, it is characterized by a permanently balanced existence between the production and elimination of “oxidizing” chemical specimens that are normal produced in limited quantities.

This balance between the product reactions of free radicals and antioxidant defensive action is at any moment broken under stress by the effect of oxidation (light radiation, solar rays, external pollution, or autoimmune activation of the immune system), and can give way to the formation of excess free radicals in the skin.

These free radicals, eager to obtain electrons, constantly assault our cells and their membranes.  The lucky targets are polyunsaturated fatty acids (ex omega 6), found plentiful in the cutaneous tissue, which once destabilized, leaves room for the formation of lipid radicals (lipid peroxidation) which work to destroy the membrane.

Be mindful that fatty polysaturated acids play a role in determining the structure and normal function of the skin, as well as precursor components of the lipid matrix.  The fatty acids of the stratum corneum are involved in the barrier function of the skin and participate in regulating the hydration of the skin.  They also contribute to the constitution of the hydrolipid film which slows the evaporation process of water and adds to the cutaneous flexibility.

This is why we have concocted a subtle cocktail of rosemary and virgin oils rich in Omega 6 in our repairing serum, Elixir Bonheur.  Benefit from its qualities, and take especial advantage from another moment of indulgence with our rosemary bath salts (offered with the purchase of the serum), in order to enrich and give delight to your skin.

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