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Article: Trace Elements, small but mighty!

Sève Divine de Dattes et Crème Sensationnelle - L Odaites

Trace Elements, small but mighty!

Hardly known, yet so important to our skin, bones, muscles, and other vitals, we wonder- what is this mystery substance?

Trace elements are a type of mineral, much like salt minerals, and play a vital and enormous role in all the biochemical interactions that are essential for cell life. 

The mineral salts, also known as macro elements, that are present within our bodies include calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur, chloride, and sodium. Such active ingredients are imperative for fighting the advancement of old age. Its in this capacity that zinc also plays an important role in cell production and division.

Copper also intervenes in the synthesis of keratin and is a part of cellular repair by allowing the process of synthesis of collagen and elastin to occur. Talking about selenium, we can see that it is equally essential to the process by participating in the stabilization of keratin molecules and regulation of inflammation.

It’s really the rich active substances that trace elements carry, then, which enables a boost in:

  • Cutaneous microcirculation,
  • improvement in the appearance of the cutaneous surface,
  • Hydration,
  • An increase in collagen synthesis
  • Skin elasticity
  • Healing of the skin

Our main natural active ingredient that we use, date sap, reveals a truly unique composition of these trace elements, including a content composed of all the important substances previously mentioned (including copper, zinc, and selenium).  It’s a cold extract of these dates, which truly enables a complete preservation of the biological richness of this special golden fruit.  You can also find them in our radiance mask “Sève Divine de Dattes” and in our intense care cream, “Crème Sensationnelle”. 

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