Conquering the West, the East

Thanks to all of you, L'ODAÏTÈS grows and flies with its own wings after 4 years full of joys, laughter, hard work, encounters, new horizons and great prospects in sight.  
We had the pleasure of meeting and forging strong and authentic links with great entrepreneurs who trusted us, opened their doors to us, listened to and shared our story, which today is very much theirs too!  

First steps in the world of cosmetics were Parisians 

Quite naturally, we began our prospecting in the neighborhoods surrounding our offices located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, this is how we met in March 2015 Ms. Amar, mistress of the Babylone pharmacy located a few steps from the "Bon Marché", who was delighted by our brand and our treatments. We didn't know it at the time but Katia Amar would turn out to be ae allye weight which allowed us over the events, each more comical than the next, to talk to women and their pass on our passion... To be honest with you, we is even happened to chat with a few celebrities. Out of respect for their privacy, we will not reveal their names, but some are now loyal customers.  

Then the chance makes us cross the road of Fabienne Crocq who, as part of its search for a skincare brand for Free Persephone, contacts us on the recommendation of a friend. Free Persephone, 1st Fragrance Day Spa in Paris, has just opened its doors in the 6th district. A sublime lounge to enjoy a tea, discover exceptional perfumes and take care of yourself in a very New England cottage decor. A timeless place created by the most French of Americans Lauren Creecy, an expert, who has worked for more than ten years in major perfume houses. She falls head over heels for our products and our history and off we go! It thus concocts, with our products, a care cabin exceptional " Garden of Eden ". 1h30 of escape and happiness. In this place, the two brand universes come together and intertwine perfectly, offering ae atmosphere unique and friendly place for the organization of sensory discovery workshops. We have thus made discover different touches of vegetable oils, different tastes of honey, different scents of essential oils ... All the senses were aroused to the delight of the participants. It is also in this warm place that we welcomed journalists and influencers to launch a preview of our Secret Nomade balm and our Pépite de la Palmeraie. Our ties have grown closer and our bond continues to grow. We also have some nice surprises in store for you for the start of the school year. 

Our goal remained to find atypical places to set up L'ODAÏTÈS. As the niche perfumeries have deserted the big cities, we had somewhat lost hope... It was without counting on Frédérique Warnet who, nestled in the heart of Paris, made of its case "L'Herbe à Savon", a A very popular address since 2008. It is an address shared by more and more connoisseurs thanks to "word of mouth", its expertise and its very precious advice! Mutually seduced, we decide to start this adventure together. Soap grass is one of the few « perfumeries » independent from the capital, enjoying the atmosphere and world of an ancient herbalism where gentleness reigns like its founder.  

Then came the time to introduce our treatments to the rest of France

On the strength of these great encounters, we wanted to go and see what the rest of France had to offer us. Our first stop was Biarritz at the "Pure Essence" perfumery, a nugget of refinement and beauty created by Sandrine Dubois. Passionate about high quality skincare and great naturalness, she has been working in her very pretty boutique for more than 3 years to offer a sharp selection of exclusive handpicked products. How happy we were when we met him! 

Then a change of scenery, our quest took us to Mulhouse at Identité Parfumerie. Transmission and uniqueness are two major values that Caroline shares Rethored with L'ODAÏTÈS and which led him to fully devote himself to his new passion. This is how she succeeds in the challenge of offering each visitor a fragrance or treatment that reflects their own identity. Definitely worth the detour. 
This is how, from meeting to meeting, ne have established ourselves in France.   
Then the desire to transmit and exchange beyond our borders was felt. In contact with Lauren and others, we realized that the needs and desires of women do not have nationalities. 

The adventure naturally continued beyond our borders but not just anywhere

The beginnings were made very close to our south in the beautiful principality of Monaco, the L'ODAÏTÈS moved to the Monte Carlo pharmacy just behind the Hôtel de Paris, a stone's throw from the Carré d'Or. It is one of the oldest pharmacies of the rock which has already blown its 100 candles... and which has kept the attraction for apothecary care. 

Naturally, our research focused on countries that had a penchant for naturalness. Germany was a ready-made destination. It is in Augsburg that we put our suitcases at Green Glam Store. Nina Kraus with her 100% female team has taken up residence in this place which she has transformed into a den of high-end natural beauty. This former convent with its period arches gives a crazy style to the place. In addition to the charm, Nina Kraus, expert in medicinal plants, offers only the best, over 200 natural brands are represented here. We couldn't have dreamed of better when we arrived at our Germanic neighbors. 
Further south, Italy offered itself to us. First with Milan,situated between the Teatro Alla Scala and the Pinacoteca di Brera, Profumo is no ordinary perfume store. It is a place where, since 1984, the culture of perfume and care has been created and transmitted, with a strong sense of singularity and refinement. It is in this atmosphere that L'ODAÏTÈS is welcomed by Guido Wetter and all his team. Passion, competence and a sense of hospitality undoubtedly remain their "trademark"! To discover, it is via Brera at number 6. Having kept all the tradition of apothecary perfumery, we had no trouble finding'other very receptive to our philosophy. 

Finally the british capital made us sweet eyes. It is in the heart of Knightsbridge a few steps from Harrod's that we have invested in Zen Pharmacy which offers a very diversified beauty corner and a cutting-edge aesthetic clinic. It's yours to enjoy dear London friends !  

Help from the national and international beauty press

Back in France, the opportunity to set up a popup store was a meaningful experience for us, especially since we shared it with our talented friend, jewelry designer, Hortense La Tour. 

On the press side, ELLE, VOGUE, GALA, GRAZIA, Air France, Current woman, etc .. we have accompanied, sometimes charmed by our history, sometimes seduced by us. Without forgetting the bloggers and the two German magazines FREUNDIN and MYSELF who were delighted by L'ODAÏTÈS.  

Chain  France 2  has also given pride of place to our make-up removing treatment water by awarding it the palm for "a cosmetic water that astonishes and dares all the combinations of make-up removal and hydration" and here again, last May, this channel puts us back in the spotlight in his special show the date: the new darling of beauty! 

And there you have it, 4 years in a few lines... Finally, my two sisters Alya and Sofia and the whole team join me in saying a big THANK YOU to all of you and all of your loyalty and your attachment!