A date not to be missed for your skin

The date harvest is in full swing! Soon we will be able to collect its nectar, a real fountain of youth for our skin, our body and our senses. The date comes at maturity offering her golden pulp, fleshye and just exquisite! We have made this wonder our flagship asset, which in turn will illuminate, boost, revitalize and plump your skin . 
What is the course and the life of its tree capable of defying and braving the most arid climatic conditions  and to offer despite this a powerfully nutritional complex antioxidant ?  

All is consumed and transformed in the Palm tree date palm

There are nearly 300 varieties of dates but barely ten present an interesting taste and nutritional interest. The Jerid, southern region tunisian, is the favorable place for the cultivation of the date palm and in particular the variety highly prized for its biological richness. The aptly named « Deglet Nour ”, literally finger of light in Arabic 
This tree is revered by the inhabitants of thiscountries because everything is consumed and transformed! First the flesh of its fruit who constitutes a food reserve for the year and what'they store in terracotta jars and sealed after removing the air.  
The core is definitely not thrown away! Powdered, it allows you to concoct an energy drink to enjoy when you wake up. They use too of its wood to build masts roofs and beams and to manufacture furniture and doorsThey use sYoung palms for making baskets, mats, fans and baskets. They take his dead palms to hoist hedges or of fences againstsilting up 
And thee best for last... they get by natural fermentation du juice milkyx and sweet extract of the heart of the date palm, an alcoholic drink sparklinge and close to a cider.  


From the birth of a fruit in the manufacture of date sap 

To reproduce a palm tree better cut small palm trees that grow on their mother's trunk and replant them elsewhere to ensure the reproducibility of the varietyYoung trees start to be productive after 5 years but it is from the 8th year that their fruits are consumable. Rest assured, you will have time to enjoy it since the palm tree is a hundred-year-old tree. It is a generous tree capable of producing and offering you nearly 100 kg of dates per year. The first fruits appear at the end of winter, take advantage of the beautiful season and finish to ripen in the fall 
But for thisthe, it will be necessary to go through the pollination, that is to say extract pollen from male palms and the ofpose on the bunches of female palms. This operation usually takes place in March when tiny bunches of dates of yellow color come out of their envelopesA male palm is able to fertilize about 50 female palm trees… Which explains why you will find in palm groves much more female than male palms…  
The harvest date will depend on the conditions of the variety and the ripeness index, but it is generally from mid-September that thethe inhabitants are devoted to the same ancestral rituals harvest until early DecemberSo at maturity, mats are installed at the foot of the palm trees and the harvesters "climb" the palm tree for cut and pick the diets one by one. These bunches are sorted and immediately stored in a dry and cool place. It’s from this moment there and before the dates overripe than the preparation of date nectar, basis of our care, will begin.  
After washing the dates, the extraction of water-soluble moleculess is carried out cold by mechanical effect and without adding any chemical input. The extrait obtained is then centrifuged and stored cold. This mechanism makes it possible to preserve all the biological richness of the concentrated extract. 

The date sapsecret to beautiful skin 

With so much of qualities, on does not know where to start! When our ancestors are spread an ointment made from this sap on the face and we admired the radiance and freshness of their skin, we had not yet understood the cause and effect. This is when all of our bibliographic and experimental research has confirmed this link and therefore the extraordinary potential of the date that we have been definitively resolved to make this our key asset for make regain vigor and the light of his youth.   
Its polyphenols and its carotenoids, defense shields against oxidation, will do the same for your cells. Its polysaccharides, making it gigantic, are a reserve of life and energy for your cellular metabolism. Its content of amino acids and essential fatty acids will capture and maintain water inside your epidermis for hydrated, dense and plumped skin. His vitamins (A, B, C), its minerals and its trace elements (copper, zinc, selenium, etc.) will work meticulously to repair and regenerate cells.  
Nothing is missing from this magical fruit, we understand that you may not want to eat it, but it would be a shame to deprive your skin of it!