Say it to your skin with flowers and fruits

What an intense joy to hear the songs of birds rocking us again when we wake up. Hear or better yet listen because that is where the difference is! Indeed, keeping your senses alert fundamentally changes our perceptions and charges our body and mind with a deep sense of existence and well-being. With spring, Mother Nature wakes up offering us a shimmering spectacle that plunges us back into this sensory universe of fruits and flowers, these wonders from which our vegetable substances are extracted, bursting with magical active ingredients.

Neroli and its orange blossom, the anti-inflammatory and olfactory active ingredient in our treatments

We invite you to experience some emotional moments with us through a spring getaway in the orchards of the Mediterranean, an getaway that takes you back to the heart of the history of L'ODAÏTÈS and its precious ingredients.

You will thus discover orange trees resplendent with beauty, bathed in a magnificent light which exhale the intoxicating and bewitching fragrance of their flowers.


The first video briefly traces the birth of L'ODAÏTÈS while the second video invites you to experience the joy of picking orange blossom in the company of Victoire de Taillac and the pickers.


The arrival of the sun at the zenith signals the end of the harvest. Loaded with their baskets, the pickers leave the orchards, so it's time for the distillation of this precious flower that you will be able to discover in the third video.


Virgin sweet almond oil, a "baby skin" oil

With the arrival of the beautiful season, the orchards offer over time a palette of vibrant and flamboyant colors. After bitter orange, almond trees are full of their still very tender fruit. If you haven't yet had the chance to taste the fine and delicate flavor of a fresh almond, then in the meantime, indulge your skin with the multiple virtues of its virgin oil. Rich in vitamin E and linoleic acid (omega 6), it has an emollient, moisturizing, healing and anti-inflammatory action at the same time. Enough to find the suppleness and tone of baby's skin! This is why we love it and have privileged it in our Elixir Bonheur. It's up to you to discover it in this little video. 


Virgin prickly pear oil, our precious anti-aging oil

At the end of August, the scorching heat of summer comes to an end, that's when the prickly pear blooms. You have to undress her to discover her tender heart, her exquisite flavor and her extraordinary virtues. The prickly pear has plenty of surprises in store for us. From its seeds, a first pressing virgin oil is extracted with remarkable richness in antioxidants and lipid substances essential for cell metabolism and for sealing the skin barrier (essential fatty acids, phospholipids, sterols, vitamin E and β-carotenes). It is an oil that we love for its restorative, smoothing and luminous action on the skin. Find it in our Elixir Bonheur and our Ange Sensationnel and discover it in the flesh... in this video. 


The date, our flagship active for a complete anti-aging action at 360 °

After a long meditation in the calm of the great heat, the date palm delights us, from October, with its fruits of honey and amber with an exquisite flavor. He welcomes light with open arms and never tires of being constantly exposed to heat and solar radiation. The date palm is full of fruits which have developed, in them, the weapons to fight and repair these extreme and permanent attacks. The date is thus a real makeover for the skin! It is an "all-in-1" ingredient, exceptional for the impressive diversity and richness of its composition in antioxidant, repairing, regenerating, moisturizing and energizing active ingredients. This active ingredient with a thousand virtues is at the heart of L'ODAÏTÈS skincare and won it the innovation prize in December 2014. It is the star of many of our treatments. Discover this magic fruit on this little video, enjoy!


Aloe vera, a real restorative active

With arms wide open, Aloe vera welcomes you anytime, anytime! A true elixir of life, it continues to convince and impress with its richness in various nutrients (polysaccharides, amino acids, trace elements and multiple vitamins) which give it an action that is both hydrating, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and restorative. . In short ! The real nugget that you will find fresh in our Pure Merveille cleansing treatment water, your essential partner in summer and winter and morning and evening!