A beauty app that finds unwanted ingredients for the skin

Does my treatment contain parabens? triclosan? BHT? or more generally unwanted substances that could harm my body? In short, so many unanswered questions given the cosmetic jargon on the INCI list, which leaves you perplexed!
Thanks to the new "QuelCosmetic" application set up by the UFC Que Choisir association, you will now be able to dispel any doubt about the possible presence of these undesirable substances in your care.
If you cannot find the product that interests you in the application, you can rely on the keys to deciphering the cosmetic labels that we gave in the article unwanted materials, how to ban them from your cosmetics.

A beauty app to find unwanted ingredients

It is a free mobile application that can be downloaded to a smartphone that tells you about the presence of unwanted substances in a beauty product without passing judgment on its performance. In short, this tool will help you read the composition but will not tell you if the product is effective.
Once the application is on your phone, simply scan the product barcode or click on the "search" tab to see the notation of the ingredients entering in the product formulation. If the rating does not appear, it means that the product has not yet been evaluated or submitted for evaluation by a consumer. You will be offered to do so. Don't hesitate to take action, after all this app is made to help the whole community. A few photos of the product and you're done!
Your request will be integrated in a few days and you will be informed if you have chosen to leave your email address. 

The product categories processed by this application

The application aims to treat all beauty and cosmetic products: facial, body and hair care, baby products, sunglasses, dental hygiene, make-up, perfumes, whether sold in supermarkets, drugstores or perfumeries. All this to tell you that the field of action is wide. The whole family can benefit from it. Even men's care is noted.

As of mid-March, the database includes more than 6,000 products which have therefore already been evaluated. Priority has been given to the most easily accessible products, therefore those available in supermarkets. However, any brand can of its own accord request to include its own products in the database without waiting for the request. This is precisely what we did, you will see the results at the end of the article. 

Ingredients deemed undesirable for the skin

The list of these ingredients was compiled by experts from the magazine. The latter have drawn up, thanks to their scientific monitoring, a list of substances deemed undesirable for health reasons and not for ecological reasons, which may come later. Updates are made as and when scientific studies progress, which may confirm or deny the harmfulness of a particular ingredient.
Providing you with an exhaustive list here would be long and daunting. In summary, the harmful ingredients put forward include endocrine disruptors - BHA, BHT, Butylparaben, Potassium Butylparaben or Sodium Butylparaben, Triclosan, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclotetrasiloxane, Cyclomethicone, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Benzophenone-3 also - Benzophenone-1, etc. Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone and substances whose names contain "P-phenylenediamine". Other elements have also been scrutinized, we'll leave it to you to look in detail.


Skin risks incurred by type of population

The reading of the results differs according to the person concerned. Three categories of people have been distinguished according to the level of exposure to the ingredient's potential toxicity: adults, children and adolescents and finally pregnant women and babies. A pictogram is associated with each category and will be displayed in one of the 4 possible colors. Green signifying no risk identified to date. Yellow to indicate a limited risk. Orange indicates medium risk and red warns of significant risk. They even thought of color blind people by accompanying each color with a letter from A to D for each increasing level of risk. Once a component is deemed undesirable in the formula, it will then be displayed in the color corresponding to the level of risk, which will affect the overall rating of the product.

If you are curious as to why such and such a product has a bad rating, click on the colored pictogram and the offending ingredient is displayed with an explanation of its harmfulness. In addition, the complete composition of the product is displayed.


The safety of our cosmetic treatments confirmed

Out of authenticity and honesty to you, we have always defended the idea of transparency in the formulation and manufacture of our products. As well-ordered charity begins with oneself, we have taken the initiative and subjected all of our products to this impartial test. The team is proud and happy to announce that all of our formulations receive the highest rating for each of the cosmetics involved! The application of the famous UFC to choose provides outward proof of the cleanliness of our formulas. Now you have to test its effectiveness!
There is no need for an app for this, you can rely on the opinions of our consumers and test the product that makes you want it the most. We look forward to seeing you. See you soon.