Facialist: the expert in in-depth facial care

Barely a year ago, the addresses of facialists were still very confidential. The facialist did not get the recognition she deserved, so that we hardly knew her existence: Unknown to the battalion, this niche profession halfway between the esthetician and the dermatologist nevertheless handles the facial art as nobody. Straight from Anglo-Saxon culture, this expertise revolves exclusively around the sensitivity and complexity of the face and focuses only on this area of the body. A fashionable term which is now entering France and attracts men and women, young and old in search of perfect skin. Focus on this new technique which stimulates much more than the simple external skin barrier and offers unprecedented results, in depth.  


1- What about profession of a facialist?

A few years ago, this term didn't mean anything to us yet. Today, this facial expert takes up his quarters in the most beautiful institutes and distills his advice and massages which act in depth, under the skin. More and more beauticians are retraining and putting aside waxing, body care and manicures in favor of the only face, which is rather complex. Relegateds in the foreground, the quality and radiance of the skin tnow reign over beauty expectations.   

We do not improvise facialist; this job need sometimes and often on the other side of the world, a long training in very precise gestural techniques : massages, hand pressure, pinching, smoothing, drainage are some of these gestures that are considered futuristic and yet glean their secrets almost 500 years earlier, which is the case with the now famous and trendy massage KOBIDO. 


2 - The secrets of KOBIDO, anti-aging massage 

Le KOBIDO is an art ancestral, THE Japanese beauty secret. VSis a technique of massage facial which intervenes on the meridians as well as on the acupuncture points. It helps rebalance the energy circulation of the face as well as the neck. This good distribution of energy is at the origin of the youthfulness of the skin.. Like a real hand lift, it struggles in depth against signs of aging thanks to multiple techniques of gestures that stimulate overall circulation.  

It's Uborn mastery which is not given to everyone sincea very small elite of around fifty people in the world practice it according to the rules of the art. 

Originally, in the 15th century, all part of a confrontation between two the best Japanese masters around a demonstration of Kyoku- which is none other than a typical facial treatment that usese a particular hand pressure technique. If none have won the said battle, they preferred to combine their knowledge to found a house of beauty : vsette technical was then passed down from generation to generation to rare therapists now established all over the world.  

We have questioned for you Delphine Langlois, the facialist expert who works in particular with our care and that did his classes nearby Japanese master Shogo Moshizuki. Delphine we delivers his approach Parisian rich in years of experience in the matter ! 

 How did you find out about massage Kobido ?  

"I found out when I was at the George V. Russian client of over 65 issued me the secret of her beautiful skin. Indeed, she was regularly massaged by one of the therapists who knew the method Kobido. It caught my curiosity and after doing some research I had the chance to learn and learn about this technique with the 27th master Kobido. So I left the George V to devote myself to my new job as facialist." 

 What the massage Kobido brings more to the skin?  

This technique of massage involves in-depth work by stimulating under the epidermis at a time lymph, blood circulation, muscles or the facias. The product cosmetic can not have such a action encompassing all these parts. However, if the Kobido is renowned, there are also other massage techniques that act directly on the lymph, or the bones and therefore offer a deep and anti-aging action that directly improves the quality of the skin.  

In this sense, use a oil-based serum very good quality that we make penetrate with the help of massages will already make it possible to potentiate the effects of this technical. 

 The do you practice on your own face ?  

" Yes, of course, I also massage myself. I build up so much tensions during the day and at night, all I want is a massage. On the other hand, it is not possible to perform on me all the techniques that I practice on my clients but I already know the principle to work on wrinkles, tone or muscle thickness." 

 After a first session should you continue to massage yourself at home?  

" Good sure ! It's like a workout. You have to go back to feel the effects. It's the same for anti-aging effects, the firmness of the skin is worked on daily ! The best way to maintain between each session is to take your oil the evening and massage your face on your own. Then there are two principles around this massage : have facial smoothing and opening techniques to relax the muscles vsar contractures and facial tension are at the origin of the formation of wrinkles. A contorted face will mark faster. The first gesture, in the evening, is to open the features to relax and this, with fairly simple techniques, especially smoothing. Other techniques are more complex, which is why I teach the self-massage. However, it is important to work in a focused manner. A wrinkle, for example, will be worked on muscle stretching, stretching to relax the muscle fiber. Once worked, we will act in small pinches to stimulate blood circulation, the synthesis of fibroblast, collagen, elastin... To work the muscle swelling, it's the same we grab the muscle with pinches to find a nice curve and prevent it from becoming "raplapla" over time. This is why after each session, I give advice on massaging according to your own facial weaknesses. " 

 So how many massages should I do per year? In maintenance?  

“It depends on a lot of things like age. If you don't have too many wrinkles before 40, I would say 3 to 4 times a year, at each change of season. After 40-45 years, that's bien to do it every month. People who have not done anything for years, however, may come every week for 2 to 3 months and then more moderately. It also depends on the stock market but it is never too late to start because between us skin aging never stops. " 

 Ideally, what age would it be?  

"I would say from the age of 40 because that's when you start to get folds from facial expressions. For the young women who come to see me, I will rather work in the drainage technique for the detox and radiance aspect. " 

 Do you also work the neck ? 

"Yes it is absolutely necessary, the platisma is a big muscle who will benefit greatly from regular massagesrs and limit sagging neck " 

 Which product recommendsdo you to work the most easily Kobido ?  

"The oil ! Anyway I really recommend using it at night. After, some massage techniques can be used dry but everything depends on each. "