Fine Fleur, our new body treatment has just blossomed

Now more than ever wneed to be pampered 

At the end of winter, the skin is often dehydrated appears more dull. It needs to regain all its flexibility and softness. And it's even more true after this confined period. At the time when our body comes out of her torpor and find the light, we only have one desire : (re) take care of him. For us, thea routine perfect 100% pleasuremade of products moisturizing and nourishing able to restore radiance and comfort to the skinwith some sensory textures atx perfumes bewitchings for a most pleasant moment of application.   

After months of research to find the formulation natural ideale, we are happy to make you discover Fine Fleur, our new body cream that at echos this spring.  

The best 

Faithful to our history, it is in our past that we have drawn our inspiration: how to find this skin so soft that our grandmother had and adapt the formula of his apothecary care to today's requirements by preserving its precious assets in their most original form Dissatisfiedes by the body creams found on the market, we had precise specifications and demanded: formulate a highly moisturizing treatment, the melting texture of which spreads easily, without leaving any greasy residue but on the contrary a refreshing sensation and an exquisite scent. All this from extracts of plant substances who flourishent in the Pool MMediterranean and the DSahara desert 

Naturally beneficial ingredients 

This formula innovative was developed around of a new active star to the benefits at a time nourishing and softening. We went to collect an extraordinary nectar whose fine texture is in perfect affinity with the skin: virgin moringa oil. This precious active ingredient is a cold extract from the seeds of a tree known for its ability to resist drought and oxidation that is nicknamed in Wolof "Nebeday", in English "Never Die": The one who never diesWhat makes it so interesting for the skin This is swe action complete, protective, restorative and soothing. Moringa oil is extremely rich in vitamin E with antioxidants. It also contains phytosterols, plant molecules which actively participate in the maintenance of the structure and function of the cell membrane and regulate the mechanisms of inflammation. By improving the barrier function, they provide better hydration and fight against the signs of premature aging. Faithful to our principle of bio-absorption, we ensure that its extraction by first cold pressing preserves all its benefits intact from harvest to application. To guarantee the fraîchor and quality of the oil at the time of manufacture, we require our suppliers to provide airtight and light-tight packaging.  
At his side, we find another of our flagship assets who made the success of our range of treatments, date sap from palm groves flourishingA real fountain of youth ! This natural ingredient with superpowers cumulates an antioxidizing due to its high content of polyphenols and carotenoids, an action anti-inflammatory repairing and regenerating by its richness in trace elements (copper, zinc, selenium), and a effect instant beautiful skin thanks to its moisturizing amino acids, its brightening vitamin B3 and its tightening and energizing polysaccharides.  
Finally, connu for his mighty nutritional powers and moisturizers, the Butter vegetal shea come bringer at the formula all its richness in vitamins A, D, E and F essential for the proper functioning of the skin. It also confers at this body care a slight texture balm, creamyse particularly comfortinge 

As always at L'ODAÏTÈS, sensoriality is at the heart of our concerns and we pay a lot of attention to the fragrance of our creams, serums and ointments. Also we have radded a few drops of orange peel essential oil, that our grandmother loved so much, at Neroli, this fresh and delicate scentso much addictive. This is our olfactory signature, that which awakens a whole part of our sensory memory.   

The Fine Flower of body care 

Echo to the pretty flower white moringa, the name « Fine Fleur» evokes also all that is best, most sought after, most distinguished... This requirement who has not left us throughout the design of our first treatment dedicated to the beauty of the body.  

This translates concretely in the clean formulation with mild excipients and 98.8% of original assets, but also in the packaging. This generous size brown pot may be reusedé at theenvy to store herbs or spices, and his low weight significantly reduces our carbon footprint in order to respect the environment. The choice of brown glass contributes also du concern for the preservation of ses active plant substances. 

Our quest for high standards se find finally in Lpower moisturizing and in Ltexture fine and melting of Fine Fleur which spreads very easily and instantly penetrates. Its high concentration in assets and its melting galenic necessite a small amount of product for optimal efficiency.  

A Pwell-being arenthesis  

Applicated from the lower body to the top, preferably after a shower or a bath, this refreshed treatmentt and relax at oncein the morning like the evening. Intensely nourished, the epidermis regains comfort and flexibility, without greasy or sticky film. The incomparable velvety touch thathe leaves on the surface is a real asset for quick dressingOver the weeks, the Body Cream Fine Fleur intensely nourishes the skinovercoming the most drieds and damageds, reduces roughness and contributes at delay the vielation protecting it from oxidation inducede by free radicals. The skin shines and regains all its radiance.  

Rresult of our pharmaceutical expertise and fruit of ancestral know-how, Fine Fleur enriches and start range of L’ODAÏTÈS body treatments, offering to vour beauty routine exceptional a new touchof pleasure and sensoriality. With all our hearts we hope thate you will have as much fun using it as we had making it!  

We look forward to hearing your impressions😊