The date, our gold and light asset

A thousand-year-old tree reigning from the south of the Atlas to the borders of the Euphrates, the date palm leads a solitary life, meditates in the calm of the great heat and slowly but surely digests the intense light of the arid and torrid deserts of the Sahara. It gives birth to a fleshy and sweet fruit which is one of the first exotic fruits discovered by Europeans and which was baptized "date" because Aristotle simply believed that it was a finger, "daktulos" in Greek!

In the date palm, everything is to be preserved ...

From this fruit, deliciously filled with smooth flesh, is extracted a syrup, which is called "date sap", thanks to a technology involving several sorting, washing, pitting, crushing and cold extraction operations. Each operation requires particular care and is carried out according to technical conditions specific to each variety of dates.
Given the vastness of the territory where date palms live, there are around 200 varieties of dates which differ in consistency, size, color, shape and of course the nutrient content. Their innocent fruit filled with mischief offers us an absolutely impressive biological richness very different from one variety to another, from one stage of maturity to another, and even from one terroir to another.

The date - the youth active ingredient for the skin

Indeed, the stakes are high since it is a question of preserving from the extraction of this desert nugget all the innumerable and various nutrients of its plant substances. The date sap thus extracted is both rich:

  • in antioxidants, the measurement of the index of its antioxidant capacity shows in particular a power three times higher than the grape
  • in amino acids, guaranteeing the maintenance of hydration in the skin
  • in trace elements, key factors in cell regeneration and repair
  • in essential fatty acids, protective shields for the water reserves of the epidermis
  • in polysaccharides, energy reserve and activator of cellular communication

You understand, it is a real fountain of youth that we offer to your skin to find in our Intense Ange Sensationnel and in our Sève Divine mask. Try and you will see!